Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Products = Complete Look

I had to go the other day and buy a present for my sister.

I am a firm believer in books for everyone, even people that don't read, you can get them a book about their hobby, or something.

But since she is back in Iceland it had to be something small so of course I bought her make up, like last year.

I will be going home in May and then she will get more gifts (it is her graduation) and of course kisses and cuddles.

So while I was in Boots, I couldn't pick one product, so I picked three...

And these are my three products that I think make a look!

So how to transfer your look, with three products, day time and night time.

All you need is a eyeliner, lipstick and a nail polish.

For me, when I complete a look, I always make sure my eyes are popping, and I feel that a bit of eyeliner does that.
In the end you always grab something to put n your lips, if it is a lipstick, lipgloss, or just a lipbalm. It really does complete the look.
To take a look to the next level, for me I love my Nail polish, I have got them in every color so I think for a night out, a new color on your nail is a great way to glam your self up.
Or on a sunday night, dreading monday... just put on a pretty soft color for the week.

With a basic face, all you need to use are these three products and in my opinion you get an instant glam. 

So basically I picked my favorite products to show you guys.

Day time: this is all about minimal make up. Soft pretty look that suits everyone.

Eyeliner: A soft pencil, kohl eyeliner, that can be smudge and softened.
Lipstick: Nude/Pink lipstick, something to put on your lips and makes a different without overpowering the look.

Nail polish: For this spring of course pastel colors are perfect for the day look. 

Essie: Angel food
Models Own: Bloo Boo (NOTD coming soon)
O.P.I:  Chapel of Love

Lipstick: Avon in pout (as seen here)
Eyeliner: Black Kohl by Topshop, a very soft smudge eyeliner.

Night time: I like extreme make up but I want to keep it wearable, I picked products that gave me a polished look.

Eyeliner: For a night time look, a liquid liner is perfect
Lipstick: A pretty red is a basic, if you are not excited about red lipstick, a red lip stain is a great option as well
Nail polish: It is super easy to go with a black color but I like darker colors. 
Purple is perfect and that dark burgundy color is amazing as well. And you can even go a bit on  trend and go for a bright strong color like the bright blue from China Glaze. 

China Claze: Frostbite 

Ciaté: Wait until dark

O.P.I. : Midnight in Moscow

Lipstick : Rimmel Lasting Finish in Alarm 170 
Eyeliner: Rimmel Glam eyes liquid liner

This is just my basic day and night look, and if I am running home from work and we are going out, I use the liquid liner over my smudge eye kohl and then put the red lipstick on and I am ready!

I know it takes a bit more than a minute to change your nail polish but still, I love nail polish and I think that having a clean looking nails with a great color is what makes you glam.

What are your three products that gives you an instant glam?

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