Friday, September 21, 2012

Products of the day - Minimal makeup

Hi Everyone :)

Today I was woken up too early by builders! 
I did not have a busy day but needed to go and get my eyebrows done and find white shirt to start my new job! So I did not want to put too much makeup on today and I wanted 'no makeup' face for today.

These are all the products I used for my whole face :)

Face : Garnier BB Cream (Reveiw coming soon)
Garnier under eye tinted roll (more about that in this post)
Stay matte Powder from Rimmel (more about that amazing powder soon)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in 015 Cheris Devotion - LOVE IT
I am going tomorrow to pick up one more shade :) and I will keep you updated on how much I love these. 

Eyes are just basic, this is a Clinique mascara, small tube that I have. 
And my MAC eyelash curler

To add a bit of life in my face I just dusted tiny bit of Dallas from Benefit Blush on my cheeks.

I only used the big powder brush from Real Techniques and a small random angel brush for my blush.

Well I did take a photo of myself but it really was not in focus and writing this now I have taken my makeup off! haha

Anyway, just a post of the products I use to get a very natural minimal makeup :) 
What are the products you use everyday?

In the next few weeks I am going to try to post a blog every other day or everyday with things like mini reviews and continue with my sample challenge.

Have a great weekend :)
Until next time 


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  1. Úú ég var að prófa að panta Rimmel Stay Matte púðrið- er búin að heyra svo mikið um það- vona að það sé gott!

    Annars þekki ég þig ekki en er búin að vera að fylgjast með síðunni þinni- og hef gaman af! :)


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