Tuesday, January 7, 2014

E.l.f. Haul and First Impressions

Hi Everyone

In the end of November I bought some e.l.f products on 30% off with free international delivery. I have not had the change to post it so I am doing it today, I am blogging every day in January.. If you want to keep up please like my Facebook Page :)
I love using offers like that and especially to try out new things. Check out eyeslipsface.com here.

I'm going to show you what I got and also tell you about my first impression. I might do a posts about some of the products later on but here are my initial thoughts. Let me know if you want some more reviews and swatches about the products I got.

Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream in St. Lucia. - I have the powder version of this and I was very curious to try out the cream duo. I was pleasantly surprised. The cream blends out nicely and I was worried about the product being very pigmented and the fact that I am fair and it is difficult to blend some cream blushes. I just blend it out either with my fingers or my favorite way with brush. The contour color gives a healthy glow to the skin and I think I will be able to use it more in the summer when I want more healthier glow. The blush color is very pigmented and looks so nice. I doesn't feel sticky after applying this cream product, I have to play more with these and see what I think but so far I like it.

Eyelash Curlers - I really like these. They have become my everyday eyelash curlers. They do not tug on my lashes at all and give me a nice curl.

Eyebrow Kit in Light - This was such a wanted item. Everyone raves about it and I had to try it. So far so good. I finally went and had my eyebrows shaped since I moved back and I have been playing around with few items to fill them in. I really like the wax side and hopefully I will do like an eyebrow post soon.

Studio Matte Lip Color in Natural -  I like this but I think I need to put lip balm on before. These last few weeks I have had such dry lips so it has not been an ideal situation for using a matte lip color. I will try to use it more in the next few weeks and maybe do a lipstick of the day with it. 

Eyelid Primer - What a product! This is comparable with the Urban Decay Primer Potion, keeps the eyeshadow crease-less and on all day.

Liquid Eyeliner - First time I used it I did not like it but then I tried it again and I loved it. It has such a small precise brush and just makes a straight line in a quick way. It is not the blackest liner I have but I have been using it almost everyday since then. 

Powder Brush - I don't really like this brush, maybe it is because I don't really know what to do with it. I read somewhere that some people love to use it for foundation and I tried it but didn't really like it. I think it is not really a great powder brush, to thick if that makes any sense. I will have to try it out more. If you have it and love it please tell me how you use it.

I got three eyeshadow brushes...

The basic eyeshadow brush - everyone talkes about it, about how nice it is. I haven't even tried it properly, it feels just so harsh. I need to try it before I make my decision but I don't think I will like it.

Defining Brush - I have used this one few times and this one is my favorite out of the bunch. It is so soft and helps blend out the outer corner. I like it.

Eye Crease brush - this brush is so harsh! I need to find a way to use it. Maybe to blend out eyeliner. There is no way I would use this into the crease. I don't really know...

Well I like most of the products, I need to try them out a little bit more, especially the brushes. If you have any e.l.f. brushes feel free to tell me how you use them and why you like them. 
I have way to many brushes so it will take a lot for me to like new brushes and use them instead of my regular ones. :)

Tell me in the comments if you have tried any of these products and if you like them :D

Thanks for reading


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