Friday, April 18, 2014

Update - Trip to London and Uni :)

Hi Everyone!

I am starting writing this late at night and I have a feeling I will have to finish this update tomorrow. It is kinda difficult to find out what has been going on when you feel like a part of your life is just up in a storm and you are kinda waiting for it to pass... 

Let me explain! The whole plan with moving back to Iceland and getting my own apartment is looking to be fairly difficult. I am still living with my mum and as much as I love her, I have not lived at home for years, enough said. 

The most difficult for the last couple of months is the fact that I am in a long distance relationship. Ethan went back to London in February and things are going well but I hate the fact that I can't see him or touch him every day. We do speak every day on skype and whatsapp and things like that but it is nothing like the real thing. 

That leads me to the next update, I went to London in March! That is how little we can be away from each other haha! I lived in London for 3 years, I love London, I had a great time and me and Ethan had the nicest week together. I posted few photos on my Instagram :) @margretscorner 

Walking on the Strand - Waiting for the Tube - Last day and raining

One of my fav photo of Ethan -  Ethan and I - Me, Sofia and Hannah, old Boots team!

I did do too much shopping, I was not there to shop but when in Rome (actually London) you have to take advantage of the 'drugstores'
So here is a little snap of few things I got:

Makeup, All drugstore but couple of MAC items - The best bits - Hair, Body and Skincare

The reason why I really shouldn't shop is... I am planning on moving back to London! Yes! at least for the summer and I might try to sort my school out so I can just study on my own and fly back for the finals. This is a big decision and all the pieces in the puzzles are still trying to be fitted (is that a saying??)

One of the reason why everything is kinda all over the place is that the teachers at Uni have called a strike on the time the finals are supposed to be on. It was just yesterday that they postponed it. So I am 95% sure I will take my first final on the 28th, before that we had no idea what was going on and the whole country did not know what was going to happen. This has been causing me so much stress.

School is over now and we have about two weeks to study (one week left), I have four finals because we took one final early because it was like a computer test at school for excel and that sort of stuff. Anyway there is just so much to study and not enough time (actually motavation) you just have to make sure you learn the things that will be on the test. Plus one of my teacher is President Snow (lol comment if you get that).

So today is Good Friday, I am finishing this the day after I started (see, I told you), I am home alone for Easter and using that time to study. Tonight I am planning on making a pizza, studying, sorting makeup and watching a movie!

Well I am going to continue studying, two chapters left and I can make dinner haha

Thanks for reading :D


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  1. Hvernig er micellar vatnið frá Garnier? Er mikið að pæla hvort ég ætti að panta mér það (og/eða svipað frá Loréal afþví mér langar svo að prófa :) Öfunda þig annars mikið af því að hafa komist í feitt í London! :D

  2. Great pics, I'm going straight over o follow you on Instagram!
    I love London, there's always something to do, its never a dull day in London!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  3. WHOAH, moving back to London? 2FANCE :D (Oh you silly couples and your long distance relationships. I am in a long distance relationship with my local Sephora)
    Well, sht, that's like the worst time to have a teacher's strike ._. (+I think anyone who reads/watches Hunger Games gets that reference, haha)


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