Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Budget Buy: Barbara Daly Longwear Eyeshadow Sticks

Hi Everyone :)

I stumbled up on a blog post a while ago about these amazing eyeshadow sticks that were only £3 and you could get them at tesco! These are the Barbara Daly Longwear Eyeshadow sticks.

I found my way there and picked up two shades of the four available. There was a black shimmery shade and a light champagne shades that I didn't pick up. 
The shades that I got are Shimmer Sand (rose gold) and Bronze Gold.

In few words.. these are amazing...

Want me to explain why:
 First off the packaging is so classy, really looks like it is worth a lot more than £3.

The product itself is really good. It is very creamy and easy to blend out and when it sets on my eyelids (which are oily and I have to use a primer with any product) the shadow does not crease.

The rose gold shade called Shimmer Sand is my favourite (I think) it makes my eyes look very green.

The bronze gold is a bit smokey when I blend it all over the eyelid and I love it because you can easily build up the color.

In the last few months I have been trying loads of different eyeshadow sticks and these are the top budget shadow sticks you can find.

I did speak with a Tesco employee and he said that the BD range is changing and products are disappearing slowly off the shelves so if you are interested in these, go into the next Tesco extra or order them online here, the only shade I managed to find online now is the black shimmering shade.

Here you can see me wearing one of the shadow sticks

I am wearing Shimmer Sand all over the lid and just smudged it with my fingers. It is so easy to apply and is perfect for a quick everyday look. I really love eyeshadow sticks these days and I will do a post soon on more of them. I think these definitely compare to higher end shadow sticks and the shades are really beautiful. 

Thanks for reading and let me know what your favourite eyeshadow stick/cream shadow is?(I already have way too many haha)



  1. Vá er að elska shimmer sand litinn, geggjaður!

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