Thursday, September 29, 2011

Few days in London

Me and my gorgeous friend Rakel Mjöll had an amazing day in London last Sunday.

London Fahsion Weekend wasn't as much fun as I thought, first it was not The London Fashion Week but addition to it called London Fashion Weekend... 
Second we had to pay extra money to see runways and we are poor girls, and third we were tired haha but I had a great time though.

After we walked to Covent Garden and around central and had a lunch. We did a bit of shopping ad sight seeing. 

What I wore:
Short jumpsuit from Topshop, just bought it, its black with beeded details and a little collar.

The handbag is also from Topshop and my shoes I found at Primark!

Rakel was wearing this perfect vintage dress, She is the best in finding amazing vintage clothes. She found that one in Pittsburgh in US.

Here we are
Me and Rakel

I love that shoot of her

My make up that day.
Lipstick; Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel
Mac gel eyeliner
Max Factor mascara. 
And few other things :D

Yesterday I went to Natural History Museum, I´ve been there before but it's soooo big that you need more than one visit to go through it.

London has been so hot for the last few days and this heatwave is making me sweat to much haha but it is kinda crazy how the weather is.. It's September! and so sunny i got burn!

I was wearing a nude/pink sheer blouse with my bow tie necklace.
Love it!

Natural History Museum

Look at the weather! We went for a walk in Hyde park when we finished at the museum.
Two great days in London this week so far!



Friday, September 23, 2011

Rimmel Lipsticks

After I moved to London, I ''discovered'' Rimmel London. 

This is a great make up brand, it was created 1834 in Regents street here in London.

This brand has had alot of famous faces, and most recently Kate Moss. She came out with lipstick line and on the first day I ran to boots and bought three lipstick. 

First I wanted to post some of my favorite Rimmel lipsticks before I post the Kate Moss lipsticks

I love the Lasting Finish Lipsticks from Rimmel and here are my favorites:

From left to right:
number 206 : Nude Pink
number 128 : Starry-eyed
number 170: Alarm
number 004: Indulgence

These lipsticks are all Lasting Finish and they are all very good. I have a hard time picking my favorite but the red one (alarm) is always a classic.
When i need a bit of pop on my lips the pink one screams and is absolutely amazing.

Do you have any Rimmel lipsticks and if so which one is your favorite?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book of the month - One Day

I have heard so many things about this book and have been meaning to read it for ages.

But when they make a movie based on the book, and im dying to see it. You know you have to read the book first.

I really don't want to give any details about the book. You just have to read it haha :D

I found it at Tesco for under five pounds! And that never happens with popular books but if it´s sold out, you can always get it online here

I have to say that i had high hopes for this book. All I have heard are good things and I was not disappointed. It is not your typical romance, it's very cleaver and has a great storyline.

I loved that each cheaper happened on the 15th of july, a new year every chapter so the story changed and kept you wanting more.

I still haven't seen the movie, but the posters and the stills look really good.

I have heard that Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess have good chemistry on the screen, but the accent that Anne has, (she plays Emma) is just not convincing and a bit fake.

I hope i will go and see the movie in the next few days.
I cant wait!

I wanted to throw in some photos from the premiere, both in London and New York.

Here they both are, Jim Sturgess (Dexter) and Anne Hathaway (Emma)

Here is Anne in London wearing an amazing Alexander McQueen, white lace mid-length dress.
She matched her dress with a cream skull clutch and brown heels, both by McQueen

.Here in New York, she is also wearing an embroidered Alexander McQueen dress and her gold clutch and gold pointed heels by Christian Louboutin.

Which outfit did you like better?
 I think i like the London look better. 
It's more romantic and in the style of the movie.

Have you read the book? or seen the movie?


Lazy day with a lovely lipstick

Sometimes when you are having a lazy day all you need is a good lipstick!

I bought this one from Make up Store few months ago.
Its called First kiss and i love it! I like putting a Barry M lip closs over it to give it a bit of pop!
Here is a picture of the duo.
It is the perfect peach/pink/orange lipstick and on a early autumn day like this, makes my day.

I like the color alot and with just a natural face and a good blush it is perfect!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day and the weather here in London is so good. 
Sunny but you can feel the changes in the air, bring on the autumn!

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