Friday, December 30, 2011

My top 11 of 2011

Here are things that i have discovered this year and or repurchased. 

These are things that will always be part of my make up collection and 
I will buy again when I run out.

Number 11 – 

There is no way i can pick my favourite nail polish, and extremely hard to pick a nail polish brand. However Topshop nail polishes have been a big favourite this year. They are £6 and they keep on coming out with new colours every month and each time I go to Topshop I grab a new bottle!

Number:  10, 9 and 8.

My eyeliners... This has been my year of eyeliners. 
Rimmel, Glam eyes, professional liquid liner
Topshop Kohl, in black (and every other colour)
Maybelline, Eye studio Gel Liner in black

I am going to do a blog post on my eyeliners soon and a review on my favourites, (so keep tuned)

Number 7

As my favourite hair product this year and I am on my way to boots now to buy a new bottle is

John Frieda, Sheer Blonde, lightening spray.

This has saved me alot of money in going to the hairdressers to get highlights. I have not coloured my hair all year and it looks more natural and healthy than it has done in years. 
I spray it around 2 times a week on a damp hair, mostly the top of my head, comb it, blow dry it and straighten it.
I have recommended it to a friend and she thinks it is the most brilliant product, like I do

Number 6 and 5

As for face product, all I picked was a blush and a concealer.

Maybelline Dream touch blush, in Peach. This gives me the healthiest glow and i always look very natural with that blush on.

Garnier roll on tinted anti-dark circles (concealer) – This product is very important to me. I have horrible dark circles and this works for me. I have used mine all year and I do see a difference. It has caffeine in it and the best thing is, that it is tinted. It works as a concealer and it is a very light formula so the under eye area does not get cakey at all.  

Number 4

Urban Decay, Naked. Eye shadow pallet.
I cannot image my life without this pallet. It is my ultimate favourite eyeshadows of all time. And this February Naked 2 is coming out here in the Uk, and I am already on a waiting list for it!

Number 3

Rimmel Kate Collection Red lipstick, number 01. 

A lot of lipsticks wear purchased this year and this one just stands out for me. Love it

Number 2

Urban Decay Primer Potion. 

I have had this in my collection for over 2 years now, and everytime I run out, I need a new one. 

Number 1

My fluffy eyeshadow blending brush. I have few of them but my MAC 224, is my ultimate favourite! I would not be able to put on eyeshadows without this brush and this is a basic blending brush for every one

So that is my list...

I need to squeeze in two other products here and that is my MAC lipstick in Hue and my MAC paint pot in Trophy. Both amazing products that I use too much!

Hope you guys enjoyed this and what are your favourite products this year?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little bargain bag

My little fashion corner

On the 24th, I headed down to Oxford Street in hoping to finish some last minute shopping.

Surprisingly, i have never seen so few people down in Oxford street.

Anyway, I did a bit of shopping, and picked up few things for me.

My favorite is this cute, bag

I love the caramel brown color, and on the inside there is a really cute fabric..!

And my favorite about this bag...

It was only 3 pounds
From Primark

Right now I am cursing myself for not picking up the bag in different colors as well!

plus it will be perfect for spring:)

What do you think?


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I (and everyone else) ♥ Kate Moss

How excited was I when I found out Kate Moss was coming out with a lipstick collection for Rimmel London, It was few months ago and the moment they came out. I ran to Boots and got the only three they had in my boots. And the best thing about Rimmel  is that, most of the time, they have three for two.
So I only paid for two and got the third one for free.

These are the ones I got. There are seven colours,
and I got these three. 

They are all Lasting finish Rimmel Lipsticks, I already loved the lasting finish lipsticks from rimmel so the improved formula with these amazing colors just makes perfect
The colors I got are number 5, 3 and 1.

Here is number five. It is a great pink. its very hard to describe it.
It is not a bright pink but it is very pink. I really love it.
It is very wearable and a good lipstick  when you want color to your lips.

The second I got was a no brainer!
It is of course number 01.
The Kate Moss red one!
This color is the signature color for the collection. And there is no surprise how great this color is. It is a very rich red color and it goes great  with my skin tone. I have seen other skin tones wear it, and apparently this is a great universal color.
I have a huge crush on this red lipstick and I find my self grab it more than my other reds.
I would hugely recommend this color to everyone!

This one is number 03 and is a beige-nude. I am a big fan of the nude lips and this color is really nice. It has a tint of caramel in it, and the fact is that my skin is very pale so it looks a little bit darker than my skin tone.
It goes however really nice with the dark smokey eyes and yet again.
Another hit from the Kate collection

Here are my swatches, My pictures are not the best, but they give a pretty good idea.
From top. 
The nude 03
The Red 01
The Pink 05

All of these lipsticks are lasting finish and they last up to maybe 4 hours.
The all have a very rich formula. And are very smooth. They wont dry up your lips. The smell very good witch is a nice plus!
Overall... I am in love with this collection! Big fan and I hope Rimmel and Kate do another collaboration.!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas nails

I'm in loooove with these

I did my nails today and absolutely loved them and I am definitely wearing them like this over Christmas! 

The base is Rimmel London number 325 called Hot Gossip
It has tiny sparkles in it witch makes it amazing looking on its own!

But the O.P.I. makes the difference and is becoming one of my favorite of all time
It is from a special collection and its called, Gettin' Miss Piggy With It.

The O.P.I. is a clear one with red glitter and then silver ones as well 

The O.P.I. one is from a special collection that I have been waiting to get my hands on!
It came out a while ago but O.P.I. nail polishes are not the cheapest one.

Here are all the colors and it was way to hard to choose witch one I was getting. I would love the green glittery one named after the kermit the frog!

I couldn't be happier with this outcome and it looks so unique and sparkly!

Let me know what you think :)

Until next time

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas around the corner

It has been ages since I have blogged... And truth to be told, i miss blogging, and I'm always saying: I'm blogging tomorrow. Well this is the last time I'm saying it! 

My new year resolution is at least a blog a week!

But anyway it is CHRISTMAS TIME!!

I adore this time of year and for the first time in my life I wont be home for Christmas.
I'm spending Christmas this year in London and I know it is gonna be good..!

Yesterday we decorated our tree and we went for gold and red theme. I got some handmade hearts decorations from my Grandmother sent the other day so we went from there and it looks soo cute

The final outcome!

The Gold heart 

The red heart! Love it !

Few weeks ago we went to one of my favorite places in London,
The seven dials in Covent Garden. I will go there soon and make
a long blog post about it. The Christmas lights were up and it looked so cozy and lovely 

Most of the lights are up now here but I still need my snow.. 

So please let it snow, let it snow..

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