Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Thoughts on... FashionistA Double Take Lipsticks

Hi Everyone

So there is no secret that I love MUA, and FashionistA is a brand that MUA carries. 
I remember seeing FashionistA in Superdrug but I was never really drawn to it, only because it was a bit on the more expensive side and I didn't really know anything about the brand, but since MUA started selling FashionistA it is all on a super discounted price. Now I have loads of products from the brand and I am very impressed. 
I have a slight feeling that when it all sells out on MUA website it will be gone, has anyone else heard anything about that? It is just that some of these lipsticks have been out of stock for months now and I really want to pick up couple of more shades...

But lets get into What I think of the FashionistA Double Take Lipsticks :)

I love the packaging, the metal red case is so pretty and sleek. I have read that people think that the lid is very sturdy, but one of my lipstick has the lid falling off all the time. Maybe it is just my lipstick. The other three are fine but I am sometimes scared that if I have them in my bag they might open up and I will have a massive mess on my hands. (I just make sure they are in a side pocket)

This is what is said about the lipsticks on the website:

Lusciously creamy in texture, the unique formula leaves a full-pigmented, modern matte finish while hydrating for maximum comfort for high impact, velvety smooth lips.

Personally I like the formula, it is very smooth and creamy. I think it is more of a satin finish. The colors I have are very pigmented and they leave a beautiful finish on the lips. 

From left to right
Raspberry, Natural Pink, Ultra Pink, Red Carpet

I actually like all the colors, the two favorite are Raspberry and Natural Pink. I am pretty sure that I have a FOTD using those two coming in the next few weeks. 

This is all just one swatch and you can see how pigmented the lipsticks are.
Original price for these lipsticks is £7 but I bought them for £1.50
That is a crazy deal. 

These FashionistA lipsticks are brilliant and I would totally recommend them, they are just out of stock at the moment on the website and hopefully they will be re-stocked soon.
You can find them on the MUA website here and every now and then MUA has a free world wide delivery and right now I am waiting for a new delivery myself haha :)

Have you tried anything from FashionistA? 

Thanks for reading

Margrét x

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