Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last Night.. New Years Eve

Hi Everyone...

Happy New Year :) 

I am so excited for 2014. 2013 was a busy year, me and Ethan moved to Iceland and I went back to Uni and finished my first semester and so far I am very happy with my grades. I am still waiting for one grade, hope I will be happy with that one as well.
Loads of fun things happened in 2013 and I hope 2014 will be even better. 

I wanted to share with you guys a bit about my makeup last night. I really loved how I did my makeup and the worst thing is that I had to take the photos with my phone since there is so much darkness in the afternoon. We only get about three hours of light at the moment, and most days its to grey to take any photos plus my camera does not focus well unless its good lighting.

I wore a simple black dress from Topshop, it is short sleeves and a see through fabric, it is short and from the waste down it has this light see-through fabric that makes the dress fancy. I bought it before Christmas and it is one of those dresses that you can wear through the whole holiday season and only change your accessories and makeup. 

I wore polka dot tights from Falke. Something that I have never worn but I thought it looked a bit different and I really liked it.
The shoes are from SixMix and I got them for Christmas, I love how edgy they look.
My earrings are actually bought in Boots, they have these jewelery stands and I can't remember the name of the brand but check them out because I bought loads from them and I really like them.

New Years Eve is the night of glitter and sparkle! The only nail polish I had to wear is Models Own in Pink Fizz. Amazing! one of my favorite nail polish of all time, so pretty its unreal. 

So back to my makeup...

As you can see I had some sparkle gems that I got of ebay and used eyelash glue and glued them on my brow bone and under the flick of my eyeliner.
I had to have some eyelashes and these are the Ardells Demi Whispers. I think they are one of the prettiest eyelashes I have ever worn.

I went for a bit of a silver, smoked out eyeshadow look. The main color I used was from Inglot, it is like a purple/grey/brown color, number xx. That is the color I have in my crease and in the corner of my eyes. To make it more darker I use blackout from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, I also used Verve, the silver eyeshadow. It is kinda like a warm silver color, at least compare to the Silver eyeshadow I use for the pop of silver/platinum in the middle. It is actually one of my sisters eyeshadow and it is an Inglot color number 151.
I also used Kid from MAC as my main blending color and for my highlight on my brow bone just a matte creamy white color.
For my inner highlight and under the lash line (the inner third), I used my MAC Vanilla Pigment. I also used Vanilla as my highlight on my cheek and it looked soo glowing.

For my base I used my trusted Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I knew there would be photos taken that night and this foundation is SPF free so it is perfect for photographs. 
For my sexy dark under eye cirles I use the Bobbi Brown corrector in light peach and for a bit of concealing and highlighting around the face my new MAC pro longwear concealer. To set everything and add a little extra coverage I used MAC mineralized skinfinish natural in light. 

To contour I used NYX blush in Taupe and for my blush I used MAC blush in Peachy Keen. That blush is so pretty and glowing. As I mention earlier I used MAC Vanilla Pigment as my highlighter. 

To finish of the eyes after all the eyeshadows I used MAC blacktrack fluidline in the water line and to tightline. I also used it to line my lash line but it was not dark enough so I used e.l.f liquid liner to make it sharper and to darken it. I used my elf eyelash curler and Maybelline The Rocket Mascara to finish off the eyes.
To fill in my eyebrows I used MAC Omega eyeshadow :) 

On my lipst I have MAC Nicki Minaj lipstikc and a Chanel lipgloss, you can't really see how bright the lips are, but in this post here, I have the same lip combo on. So pretty!

I went a bit MAC crazy when I was applying my make up, but in the next few days I will show you why since  I got loads of MAC stuff for Christmas :)

Anyway I hope you had lovely holidays

Over the next month I am going to try to blog every day. School is just starting again in few days but now I know how it goes and how much time I have to invest in school. So I am going to try to post twice a week this year but in January I want to post at least five times a week, just to get me back on the train and I have so many ideas written down on my to do list so I might as well just get going and finally post them :)

I would like to thank you for reading and thanks for checking in on my little blog regularly, if you want to check in when I post new things, you can follow this blog on bloglovin, or on Facebook. I also have twitter, tumblr and Pinterest, yes I like social networks haha

Speak to you later 


  1. Happy New Year! c:
    Oh man, how did you even get the courage to look at your marks during the break?? I'm still kinda scared--it could probably ruin my holiday, haha
    As usual, love the eye makeup + the nails!

  2. Happy New year gorgeous!
    Well there is no way of not looking, as soon as a grade has been posted my phone goes off! my friends call me or I call them! this is like a drug, you have to know NOW lol!


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