Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ebay Jewelry Haul #1 Necklaces!

Hi Everyone, last year I added ebay on to my list of addictions... So over the last few months, items have been arriving slowly. I am going to show you guys every now and then my purchases and this time is all about jewelry, this time I will make it into two post, necklaces and earrings :D
I will link the seller if I can find them again and also I only buy things with free worldwide delivery and all these things are shipped right through my letter box! :D

I got five necklaces and it took them all about a month to arrive in Iceland which is fair enough. I am very happy with all of these :)

First one is a mint triangle necklace, it is very pretty and I think it will look so good in the spring time.
It was only $1.59 and you can get them in more colors (here)

The next one is a unique one, I bought it for $1.29 and I can't find it again for that price but I will leave a link here where it is around $3, my only problem with this one is that it smells a bit like metal, the other ones are fine. I do like it though :)

This one is super light, it feels a bit cheap but you can't really see it when you are wearing it. I think it looks very pretty and it is under a dollar! (link here)

I got this black and white with tiny studs at the bottom for $1.54 but again I can't find the exact one but here is the same one for $3 (link here)

I love this one, it will look very pretty under a shirt collar and I want to get these in different colors, I got it for $1.25, but I am having trouble finding this one again. :( 

So that was the first part of my Ebay Haul!
I will post the second part tomorrow when it is just earrings! :)
I have also been shopping nail stuff and brushes (which are amazing) and I will definitely post about those purchases soon :)

Do you shop on Ebay? :D

Thanks for reading
Margrét X


  1. Ohhh nú verð ég að ebay-ast! Sjúklega sæt hálsmen :)

    1. Já þú verður! þetta er samt svoldið hættulegt, sérstaklega þegar maður á að vera læra haha!

  2. I don't shop on ebay because I'm always like "Is this stuff sketchy???", but then I see people buying stuff off ebay and I'm just like, "HOW DO PEOPLE GET THESE DEALS??"
    The prices for these necklaces is incredible!! First three are my favourites, and for that price, it's ridiculous!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things


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