Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Favorite Eyeliner Combo right now - Too Faced and e.l.f

Hi Everyone

I love a good eyeliner and for the last two/three weeks I have been using the same eyeliner combo everyday. 
The combo I love is the e.l.f. Liquid eyeliner and the Too Faced Perfect eyes Waterproof eyeliner.

The e.l.f liquid eyeliner has a very fine brush, it is not super black, it is black but it applies a little sheer sometimes. That does not bug me because it is so easy to use it, if I want it totally black I just go over it once more and it is fine. The formula is not waterproof but it does not smudge on my eyelids at all. 

The Too Faced Perfect eyes Waterproof eyeliner is one of the blackest most opaque eyeliner I have ever tried. It is very creamy and completely waterproof. I apply it in the morning and it is still there when I take off my makeup at night. I got this in a Christmas set and when I finish this eyeliner I am getting the full size. 

Top: Too Faced Perfect eyes Waterproof Eyeliner
Bottom: e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner 

The reasons why I love these two is that it is quick to apply them, The liquid eyeliner takes always such a long time but since the brush is very fine and a bit long, it makes it quicker and I make less mistakes.
The Too faced eyeliner is so pigmented and applies so easily. It just makes a quick application.

Both eyeliners stay on all day, there is no smudging and they look the same when I first applied them and when I take the off at night.

The e.l.f eyeliner is so affordable, there is no reason for anyone, not to try it out.
The Too Faced eyeliner is a high-end eyeliner but I think it is wo
rth the money and I am definitely re-purchasing it. 

What are your favorite eyeliners?
I am always trying out new eyeliners but right now I am loving these two

Thanks for reading

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