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Two Dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Blush in Mood Exposure

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Today I am writing about two potential dupes for a really popular blush. Hourglass Ambient Blush in the shade Mood Exposure. It comes in the Hourglass blush palette and it is the one on the right end side.

When I received the blush palette for last Christmas after I asked for it, I was super excited. These blushes are high quality and the shades are just beautiful. I have always been a big fan of a neutral/mauve/rose kind of blush, kinda difficult to explain... like Benefit's Dallas and Rockateur. Not super pink, just a blush that works with almost everything... and Hourglass Mood Exposure is just like that. 

I posted the other day about the new Max Factor Creme Puff blushes and wrote there that they might be a dupe for the Hourglass blushes, and guess what, one of those shades is quite similar to Mood Exposure.

I also bought few items from the new KIKO spring line, and while I was swatching the blushes the other day I found again, that one blush from the mosaic line is very similar to Mood Exposure. 

From left to right 
Hourglass Mood Exposure - Max Factor Nude Mauve - KIKO Santa Rose

There are however few differences between these formulas, 

Hourglass Mood Exposure is the smoothest and has the most pigmentation, still it is not going to be too much on your cheeks so you don't have to worry about having too much blush on. It definitely is a glowing blush that blends seemingless into the skin.
I am not the best with describing colors, but I would say it’s a dusky rose nude with a little plum/mauve undertones. It has an amazing finish, satin and very glowing. 

Max factor in Nude Mauve has a little more shine to it than the hourglass one, it is also a little bit more nude and has more mauve undertones than the hourglass.
I would actually say that it is very similar in texture and blends just as well into the skin (maybe a little bit better actually). 

The KIKO blush in Sand Rose is the least pigmented and not as soft as the other ones to the touch. It would be more suited for someone that is hard handed with their blush.
It is called sand rose and i would say it has more rose tone than the hourglass one but it is very close in shade, it is just a different texture and less pigmented. it is not as soft to blend out as the hourglass. However today I just wanted to wear minimum makeup and I grabbed this blush and it was perfect. since it is a little less pigmented than the other ones it is easy to use when you are in a hurry because it is difficult to make mistakes. 

Comparing these three is very difficult, the all look amazing on the skin. I would just recommend you go for the one that is more available to you and the one that is in your budget. 
I think the way I would rate them is the Tourglass, Max Factor and KIKO. I still love the KIKO one I just prefer how smooth the texture is of the other ones. I would refer the Hourglass over the Max Factor because it is more pigmented and is not as shiny as the max factor one, just really glowing.

The big diffrence is the price, the Hourglass blush palette is £56 and induvidually the blush is £28 (link here), the Max Factor blush is £8,99 (link here) and the KIKO blush is £11,90 (link here)

All these blushes are beautiful and I think that finding a dupe for something is not necessarily the same shade or texture, just how it ends up looking on the skin. These all look really similar on the skin and I am just obsessed with glowing nude-ish blush at the moment.

What is your favorite blush at the moment?

Thank you for reading 

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