Saturday, January 28, 2012

10 Make up Products for 10 pounds!

My little bargain/Make up corner

10 Make up products for 10 pounds...
And these are quality make up products!
Why only a pound for each?
Where to get them? 

I got mine at my local Poundland store!
How crazy is that, Rimmel, Revlon, Sally Hansen and more

They were all packed in purple bags with the logo famous brands, when saw them thought this is fake and makes no sense that a Rimmel blush that I recently bought in boots was here in poundland for a pound!

So why are these prouduct only a pound...
Well most of these products are 'old'. these are last season, old packaging. But obviously the prouduct inside is 'fresh' and new. all of the products are un-open in their originally packaging. like the plast is still on the product and then they are in a bag from poundland. 

So what picked up over the last few weeks are 10 great products.
I also went yesterday and found my most favorite of all poundland products and that are eyeshadows. and will post a whole blog devoted to them soon..

Here are the products that I picked up:

Rimmel blush, in number 021 and is called Summer Fever
This is the reason why I started looking into this.
I just bought a brand new rimmel blush in the drustore and here is the same blush but in different colour!

That's crazy, 
It retails for about over £5 and I bought the one on the left for £1

Here have Rimmel lasting finishing lipstick in number 026 called vintage. 
This is a rosie nude with shimmer. love the colour
These are the old packaging, have like 7 other rimmel lipstick and these packaging are a bit thicker, if that makes any sense.
Also I think this colour is discontinued. 

Rimmel Vinyl Glosses, these are the old packaging.
The nude one is number 112 and called steal my kisses
And the clear one is number 171 and is called crystal clear

This one is sparkly pink number 430 and is called liquid acid.
I bought the exact packaging but in a different colour like few days earlier.
That was like 4.99 pounds!
So this is most likely discontinued colour. 

Revlon Créme Gloss in 015 called Play up Pink.
I really like this berry, rosy pink colour. Very Creamy.

Another Revlon lip gloss, this one in tube and is a purply berry colour.
It is called Beach Plum. 

This actually surprised me, I did not think this would be worth even a pound but Oh my.
There are 4 colours in this 'wheel', the middle one is such a good shimmer colour and the light brown is perfect for blending and the dark brown with the shimmer is so pigmented!
A big hit!
and only a POUND

Sally Hansen nail polish, these are not cheap one.
I don't care to much for the colour but it is a Hot pink shimmer colour and frankly, it is a bargain.

This was the first thing I bought at Poundland, and this colour is called coralicious and is number 430, and I saw it (that exact) in my local pharmacy for something like 3 pounds.


I am really liking that I can find these kind of bargain!

And I will post soon the biggest hit from poundland.. stay tuned :)

Hope you enjoyed this:)
Have you ever found any make up bargain in your local poundland store?




  1. hi, wow I am absolutely crazy in love with your blog, I have recently stumbled across pound land and I have spent about £20 a week for the past 3 weeks. KEEP BLOGGING GIRL!!!! :))))))

  2. hi, great blog I agree with jenny, but i also love rimmel nail polish, how SEXY is that red right?? i have been looking at your blog for a while now you are great keep going x

  3. I am so jealous !! I'm going to go this weekend to see if I can spot a few bargains. Well spotted and thanks for the tip!!




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