Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty findings for £1

There is no secret that I love a great bargain and when I have a day off I like to walk up to my local small high street, sit down for a coffee and look into poundland.

I made a post about a year ago called 10 Makeup Products for 10 Pounds, which had products I found from Poundland...

It is always different in there and you just have to be lucky to find something great..

Here are few little things I found last week for a £1

I found the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail polishes.
These Nail polishes in general are amazing, the formula is good, and the brush is large and rounded.
I saw the gray/purple one and picked it up, there were about 10 other colors but I was in a hurry and thought I don't need anymore, but the next day I went back to grab a bright pink one that I saw but almost everything was sold out and the only color I liked was this green/teal color.
The one on the left is 404 Greige Gardens and 
the one one the right is 450 Fairy Teal

Here I am wearing the 404 Greige Gardens and it lasted around 4 days (while I was working) without chipping. I did try the Fairy Teal tonight and it was a little bit darker then I thought it would come out so I don't know if I like the color. 

Last week I went to 99p store (Same as poundland except everything is 99p haha)

And I came across one of my favorite products... for 99p!

Yes this is the Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On...

The reason why it's 99p is the packaging is half in Arabic (or something like that)

The product is the same as the one I have at home and the Eye Roll was in a closed box and not used haha
Now I have two brand new (I recently bought one since mine ran out)
(I will be posting a 'empties' post soon)

What great bargain have you been spotting lately?

Thanks for Reading

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Obsession #3 - Dry Shampoo

What a week this has been. I have been on a holiday from work and all I have been doing all week is relaxing (and watch Downton Abbey). I did not want to do anything special because I am also taking a week off in February and another one i March. So excited for more holidays :)

So when I sat down to do my 'Sunday Obsession' I was not 100% sure what to do. I have not been using makeup all week. Not a lot of new things this month and I have been in some sort of routine lately. Then it came to me. Dry shampoo!

I was talking to my sister the other day about dry shampoo and she was not too sure on how it works and why I use it... Given that I use mine all the time and I just finished my favorite bottle this week, I do know thing or two about them...

So let's start...

What is dry shampoo? It is a powder that is used to clean hair. It removes oil, dirt, and all the nasty things that gets in the hair through out the day.

Why do I use a dry shampoo? Well.. I used to wash my hair everyday but that is no no! So in the last two years I have tried to wash my hair every two days, sometimes every three days.. gross? 

It makes your hair healthy ad happy, when you wash your hair everyday you are taking away the natural oils and drying it out. 
On the second day I feel my hair is sometimes a bit greasy (no one sees it but me) so all I do is spray the dry shampoo in, rub it and then brush it out! It takes the oil away and looks clean and fresh. 

Dry shampoo's are also used to give volume as the powder adds texture.

The brand I have been using and the only brand is the Batiste, I recently got the Trevor Sorbie and I do like that, it has a nice clean scent.

Batiste comes in three (maybe four) sizes. The small one is the travel size which is handy to carry in your purse, you never know when your hair is looking a bit dull.
Then I have the normal size and my favorite, the Original is finished and I might invest in the larger bottle which is massive.

The Batiste comes in so many scents and the first one I got was the floral and flirty, Blush... I can't stand it. The smell is too strong and lingers in the hair for a long time, I need to get rid of that bottle or use it up. 
But the clean and classic, Original is a good scent,
It does not linger in the hair and I really like it.

Batiste also has different dry shampoo's for colored hair because sometimes the shampoo leaves a white residue in the hair but I rub it in very well and then brush it out. I am also blonde so hardly no white residue.
When people want Volume they don't brush all the dry shampoo out so a dark hair is better off with a dry shampoo for dark hair. 

The top is just like hairspray top and sprays like hairspray.

The other day I bought three of the limited travel sets... why three?
They were on clearance for 25p each pack! True Story!
So now I am experience with the different scents to see if I will go away from my Original.
I might give one of the sets to someone special haha. 

It does what it says on the bottle! :)

So that was my Sunday Obsession this week, 
Please tell me what you have been obsessing over and if you have tried ad loved Dry shampoo.

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Thanks for reading

P.S - I am doing the 30 day Make up Callenge on tumblr
Day 1
Day 2
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

75% off Sale Haul and a Hair Product First Impression

Last week there was a 75% off all the Christmas gift sets in Boots. Naturally since I work there I picked few up and paid with my points. I started work at 11:30 and by the time I got there most of the stuff I wanted had already been bought by costumers that had been in line outside the store when it opened that morning. I did manage to get three of the things that I had wanted and today I tried one of the volumizing haircare set out.

So the first thing I bought was the Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Glamour Styling Collection, original price £18.00 but I bought it for £4.50. It contains three full size products, 6 rollers ad 4 hair clips.

Photos were taken with my phone, not the best quality, but you get the idea

It included items from the Beautiful Volume range. The Volumising mousse, The volume booster and the dry shampoo.

So I tried these Volumising products out today... First time using something like this, I normally straighten my hair or curl it but never 'boost' some volume in it. So since my hair has been a bit flat I thought it would make a great difference.

This is what it says on the instroction. 

Apply mousse with a comb to wet hair.

Blow dry hair with your head upside down and brush in different direction to naturally build volume.
When hair is dry, section it to apply rollers. Roll the hair onto the rollers.

Once rollers are applied give them a spritz of Volume Booster and gently heat with hairdryer.
Leave hair to fully cool before removing the rollers gently.

So that is what the instructions said...I tried it and first of all, 6 rollers are not enough for the whole head, maybe you are only supposed to use it on the top?
I also did not strengthen my hair but that is something I should have done (I was just staying at home all day, hint the no make up). So yes I liked the volume it gave, but I did find it quite long. The Volume Booster does not spritz out evenly so I don't know if I got a faulty bottle or not. It just spritz in one place and too much product at once.
Over all I like this set, I am excited to use the dry shampoo as I use a dry shampoo all the time.
I will definitely do this when I am doing updo's or just needing a bit of volume.

Here are the two other gift sets that I bought, both were original £10  but I bought them for £2.50 each.

Another Trevor Sorbie set. This is for straight hair and has Protection Shampoo and Conditioner, Head defence blow dry spray and protect, flatten and a shine spray. 

Very excited to try these products out

This is one of the set that I really wanted because of the Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturising spray. It also came with small shampoo and conditioner. 

All these products were 75% off so I ended up paying £9.50 for the whole lot!

Did you manage to get anything good on the sales?

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New addition to My Little Corner: Introducing Guðrún Ósk - Faux-Fur Coats

As most of you know I live in London, however all my friends and family are back in Iceland.

My sister Guðrún Ósk is going to be posting regularly on My Little Corner. (So exciting!!)

She is a true fashion fanatic, she is currently a store manager in a popular shoe store in Iceland and has worked in other fashion stores as well. (She is also so beautiful, funny and talented... I have known her for as long as I remember so I should know right?)
She will be talking about the latest trends, how she styles and everything related to fashion.

I can't wait for her posts and I hope everyone will enjoy the new addition :)



Whether you just had a hard day at work or if life is taking its up and downs. As long as you have a big beautiful coat you can throw on, you‘re living sweet. Furs or faux furs, they all do the trick, it’s not just a fashion statement it’s about protection and comfort. My favorite part about winter is that I can take out my fur coats, especially on windswept days.

I have loved fur coats since I remember, my grandma used to have a big long fur coat that I loved to dress up in. 

Real furs tend to be very expensive when bought new but a lot of vintage stores sell second-hand furs on reasonable prices, some people are really against buying real fur. However my favorite is that you can buy faux furs on the high street and many of them look even better then the real thing.

You don’t always have to be fancy to wear a fur coat, I wear mine to work and on the night out. (just don’t spill drinks on it!)
My opinion is that fur goes with everything. If you’re on a time stretch, fur coat does the trick, wear jeans and a top, style it off with boots and go off to work, then switch to high heels, pop on a red lipstick and voila you’re ready for the night out. I also love to style my leopard fur with something colorful, for example a galaxy body suit (more about the galaxy body suit soon)

 have three fur coats, all of them are faux furs.I have a black classic one, one with a hood and my favorite, the leopard.

Me and my faux-fur coats

This is me and Sigga Bogga on Icelandic Airwaves, the music festival. 

She is wearing a fur vest and that is a good look, fur vest with a nice leather jacket under.

Here is some furry inspiration, or like I like to say furspiration!

Mulberry A/W 12

A golden tip : If your fur coat sheds a lot, put it in a freezer and it will stop!

Thanks for reading.
Let me know what you think about the faux-fur coat trend in the comments below.

Guðrún Ósk

Monday, January 21, 2013

FOTD using MUA products + Today's MUA experience

Hi Everyone and thanks for reading yesterdays blog. In around 24 hours the blog was visited over 280 times, I think that is amazing so thank you so much.

So for those who read the MUA blog, read how excited I was about doing some shopping on the MUA website today well this is what happened...

I woke up at 8 am (on my day off) to get the promo code and order. I had already selected everything in my 'cart' so I did not have to go through the whole website and pick what I wanted in the morning.
Anyway at 8 am they had not posted any promo code, until 2 hours later... So I jumped straight on the website to order but the website did not work, was extremely slow and kept on 'crashing'.
So I headed to the MUA facebook page again and saw that they started asking people to stop using the website so they could fix the problem, but people did not listen...
So I waited and MUA started saying that things will not sell out, please be patient... 
which I am not, so around 12:30 I decided to try to make an order, I put in the promo code...
Before it was £19.40 and after discount it was £9.20. When it came to picking payment method I could not click Visa so I decided just to wait few hours and be patient like MUA said.

Well it did not go as well as I thought... Few hours later I went on the website to see that they changed the offer to you have to spend minimum £30 in order to get the 50% discount, so you end up paying £15 !
And items seemed to be sold out as well!!

Their Facebook page is on fire with complains all afternoon and they have been posting lame excuses on their page. By picking things worth £30 you are ending up buying 15+ items and to be honest I only wanted to try out few.. 
I am so disappointed and spent my evening being furious... 

They have closed down the website temporarily while dealing with the massive traffic and everything. They say they will open it as soon as... :S
I understand that they are getting a massive traffic on the website, but the fact is that they knew 50.000+ people wanted to shop and they are not ready for it...? and to have the nerve to change the offer few hours in when tonne of people bought the cheaper offer is just disrespectful.
I hope they will try to make it up to us, I will not place my order if I have to buy extra stuff...

OKAY... no more ranting... Here is my FOTD (Face of the day) 

Since I was excited I decided to use my MUA products today to make sure I liked them and to show you guys...

I am wearing the MUA blush in shade 4 and my Soap and Glory highlighter in Glow all Out on my cheeks. 

Lips: MUA lipstick in shade 15 Juicy. 

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer potion
All over the lid - MUA eyeshadow in shade 24
Crease and outer corner- Urban Decay Tease ad YDK (both Naked 2 pallette)
Matte highlighter - MUA shade 16
Eyeliner - Smudged Topshop Black kohl liner
Mascara - Maybelline Illegal length

Fondation - Revlon Colorstay
Concealer - Bourjois Healthy Mix Touche
Powder - tiny bit of Make up store loose powder

Thanks for reading as always and I hope if anyone had problems with MUA today that it will be resolved as soon as possible.
I do like the products but to be honest, there are so many amazing afforable products out there for few extra pounds, so I am gonna think about if I will place order or not. 

Make sure to 'like' My Little Corner Facebook page if you like reading my blog and if you want more beauty/girly stuff go on to my tumblr :)

Hope everyone had a great monday 


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Obsession #2

This week I have been using the same makeup everyday and one item I have been using has surprised me so much.
I was going through all me makeup last week and pulled out few things so I would start to use them. One of the item was MUA blush shade 2.

The colour is so pigmented and you only need a tiny bit, it does blend pretty well. Just make sure to use tiny bit and then build the colour up if you want more.
The biggest surprise was how long the blush lasted on me. I came home at night after work and the colour was still very vibrant on my cheeks.

And the best thing is that the blush is only £1! (203 krónur) Yes MAU is know for their super affordable products and tomorrow (Monday) there will be 50% off everything AND a free international delivery!

All you have to do is follow MUA on Facebook (here) and get the promo code on Monday morning. The reason for this great offer is that they have reach 50.000 likes on Facebook.
The offer will last few days and like I said 50% off everything so the blush will be 50p (102 krónur) and there is international delivery!!

So I am defiantly gonna get few lip liners and lipsticks (they will be 50p each) and probably the undress eyeshadow palette since it is know to be cheaper version of naked 1 from urban decay.

So I want to share the few products I have from MUA.

Two blushers in shade 2 and 4

They are so pigmented, I just touch them once and this is the color pay off.
Great colors for everyday makeup!

I was worried that the packaging would be super cheap but it is surprisingly steady. 

Lipstick in shade 15 (name Juicy) - only £1! 

I bought this color in Superdrug in Camden one day and I really like it. 

The lipstick is very pigmented, there is nothing amazing about this lipstick but still it is very affordable and I will definitely buy some more tomorrow. It has a very flowery scent to it but it does not bother me at all. Overall it is a nice lipstick. 

The packaging is not super sleek but still it is handy that the color of the lipstick is at the bottom so you know what lipstick you are grabbing. 

Two single eyeshadows in shades 24 and 16

As you can see from the photo the one in shade 16 broke!
Anyway I picked these up ages ago and yet again they are a pound each.
The one in shade 24 is a pearl eyeshadow and they have a lot of colors in that range but the one in shade 16 is a matt color and there are fewer colors in the matt range.
However the colors are very pigmented but the light pink matt one (shade 16) is very chalky, I don't know if it is because it broke straight away or not.

Here you can see the colors.
The one on the left is shade 16 and the one on the right is 24.
I do like shade 24 and I think it is a beautiful color to put all over the lid. 

Shade 24

Shade 16 - Here you can see the broken remains, I should  fix it but it is only 1 pound and I don't really think the color is that unique so I am not sure what to do..
The packaging is maybe the reason why this one broke, it is not as steady as the blushers. 

So please check their Facebook page out and do some shopping over the next few days.
I really recommend both blushers and the lipsticks (I am not getting the ones that have the glitter in them, just make sure you look at the photos in a close up).
The eye shadows are very pigmented but do get the pallettes and especially in undressed and heaven or earth.

And as always leave all your comments below and tell me if you have tried any MUA products, what do you think and are you gonna shop 50% off everything and free delivery?

I'm also on Instagram as margretscorner

Thank you as always for reading 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Obsession #1

I want to try to get my blog in some sort of routine and doing blog posts once a week about things that I am obsessing seems like a great idea.. right?

So what I have been obsessing over this week is Soap and Glory, first of all, this brand is one if my favourite but at the moment I am obsessed over the Sugar Crush line... 

I love love love the smell of these products. Soap and Glory always smell great but their main/original smell is just ok to me. (It is called Original Pink) Everyone loves it but I feel it a bit too perfumy. Two years ago I had most of the normal products so I don't hate it but the sugar crush smell is just amazing.

There are other soap and Glory body products that smell amazing and I will mention them soon (the creamy smoothing stuff they got). I am planning on getting more body stuff. 
Anyway back to these products that I am in love with....

Sugar Crush, Body Scrub

This is a scrub with smashed brown sugar and sweet lime, almond oil & macadamia grains.

The scrub is just hands down one of the best scrub I have ever used. It leaves your skin so soft.

I use it once or twice a week and there is such a diffrence in my skin now.

Sugar Crush, Body Wash

The body wash has Lime oil, Coolcapsule, Kiwi Juice Water and a skin softening omega-rich veggie oil.... Sounds like something you can drink haha

The body wash is just perfect, when taking a shower I am in heaven because of the smell, I love that it has a pump and I just pump two times on my loofa (lol that thing you wash yourself with) and it is so foamy and leaves you squeaky clean.

Sugar Crush, Body Buttercream

The Body Buttercream has Shea & Cocoa nut balm, Lime and almond oils and Kiwi juice water.

The body buttercream is so moisturizing and leaves your skin soft like a baby's bum, it soaks in quickly and I does not feel greasy at all. It is the formula og butter and cream together that makes it so special.

The reason why I live these products sooooooo much is the smell, everyone needs to smell it... how can I explain the smell.. well this is what they say : Zesty lime fragranced featuring a blend of kaffir limes sparkling lemons and juicccy mandarins complete with a gourmand base of sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil!
So all this lime in mix with the sweet vanilla and coconut.. SO GOOD 

It is not the cheapest body care but still affordable, plus you can always wait for 3 for 2 in boots and grab all 3 then... The scrub is 8 pounds

The wash is 6.50 pounds

And the Buttercream is 10.50 pounds.

Anyway this is what I have been obsessing over this week.. (since Christmas)

What have you been obsession over? 

Let me know if you like these sort of posts, and if you want to see them weekly on Sundays.

I'm also on Instagram as margretscorner

Thank you for reading 

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