Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Obsession #2

This week I have been using the same makeup everyday and one item I have been using has surprised me so much.
I was going through all me makeup last week and pulled out few things so I would start to use them. One of the item was MUA blush shade 2.

The colour is so pigmented and you only need a tiny bit, it does blend pretty well. Just make sure to use tiny bit and then build the colour up if you want more.
The biggest surprise was how long the blush lasted on me. I came home at night after work and the colour was still very vibrant on my cheeks.

And the best thing is that the blush is only £1! (203 krónur) Yes MAU is know for their super affordable products and tomorrow (Monday) there will be 50% off everything AND a free international delivery!

All you have to do is follow MUA on Facebook (here) and get the promo code on Monday morning. The reason for this great offer is that they have reach 50.000 likes on Facebook.
The offer will last few days and like I said 50% off everything so the blush will be 50p (102 krónur) and there is international delivery!!

So I am defiantly gonna get few lip liners and lipsticks (they will be 50p each) and probably the undress eyeshadow palette since it is know to be cheaper version of naked 1 from urban decay.

So I want to share the few products I have from MUA.

Two blushers in shade 2 and 4

They are so pigmented, I just touch them once and this is the color pay off.
Great colors for everyday makeup!

I was worried that the packaging would be super cheap but it is surprisingly steady. 

Lipstick in shade 15 (name Juicy) - only £1! 

I bought this color in Superdrug in Camden one day and I really like it. 

The lipstick is very pigmented, there is nothing amazing about this lipstick but still it is very affordable and I will definitely buy some more tomorrow. It has a very flowery scent to it but it does not bother me at all. Overall it is a nice lipstick. 

The packaging is not super sleek but still it is handy that the color of the lipstick is at the bottom so you know what lipstick you are grabbing. 

Two single eyeshadows in shades 24 and 16

As you can see from the photo the one in shade 16 broke!
Anyway I picked these up ages ago and yet again they are a pound each.
The one in shade 24 is a pearl eyeshadow and they have a lot of colors in that range but the one in shade 16 is a matt color and there are fewer colors in the matt range.
However the colors are very pigmented but the light pink matt one (shade 16) is very chalky, I don't know if it is because it broke straight away or not.

Here you can see the colors.
The one on the left is shade 16 and the one on the right is 24.
I do like shade 24 and I think it is a beautiful color to put all over the lid. 

Shade 24

Shade 16 - Here you can see the broken remains, I should  fix it but it is only 1 pound and I don't really think the color is that unique so I am not sure what to do..
The packaging is maybe the reason why this one broke, it is not as steady as the blushers. 

So please check their Facebook page out and do some shopping over the next few days.
I really recommend both blushers and the lipsticks (I am not getting the ones that have the glitter in them, just make sure you look at the photos in a close up).
The eye shadows are very pigmented but do get the pallettes and especially in undressed and heaven or earth.

And as always leave all your comments below and tell me if you have tried any MUA products, what do you think and are you gonna shop 50% off everything and free delivery?

I'm also on Instagram as margretscorner

Thank you as always for reading 


  1. Váá þetta er sjúklega hagstætt! Spurning um að maður prófi :)

    1. Já klárlega, ég er samt búin að vera reyna í allan morgun en það eru svo margir að panta að vefsíðan höndlar það bara ekki. MUA er samt að update facebookið og segir að vörurnar munu ekkert klárast og fólk á bara að tjilla þar sem tilboðið er til fimmtudags.. :)


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