Monday, January 21, 2013

FOTD using MUA products + Today's MUA experience

Hi Everyone and thanks for reading yesterdays blog. In around 24 hours the blog was visited over 280 times, I think that is amazing so thank you so much.

So for those who read the MUA blog, read how excited I was about doing some shopping on the MUA website today well this is what happened...

I woke up at 8 am (on my day off) to get the promo code and order. I had already selected everything in my 'cart' so I did not have to go through the whole website and pick what I wanted in the morning.
Anyway at 8 am they had not posted any promo code, until 2 hours later... So I jumped straight on the website to order but the website did not work, was extremely slow and kept on 'crashing'.
So I headed to the MUA facebook page again and saw that they started asking people to stop using the website so they could fix the problem, but people did not listen...
So I waited and MUA started saying that things will not sell out, please be patient... 
which I am not, so around 12:30 I decided to try to make an order, I put in the promo code...
Before it was £19.40 and after discount it was £9.20. When it came to picking payment method I could not click Visa so I decided just to wait few hours and be patient like MUA said.

Well it did not go as well as I thought... Few hours later I went on the website to see that they changed the offer to you have to spend minimum £30 in order to get the 50% discount, so you end up paying £15 !
And items seemed to be sold out as well!!

Their Facebook page is on fire with complains all afternoon and they have been posting lame excuses on their page. By picking things worth £30 you are ending up buying 15+ items and to be honest I only wanted to try out few.. 
I am so disappointed and spent my evening being furious... 

They have closed down the website temporarily while dealing with the massive traffic and everything. They say they will open it as soon as... :S
I understand that they are getting a massive traffic on the website, but the fact is that they knew 50.000+ people wanted to shop and they are not ready for it...? and to have the nerve to change the offer few hours in when tonne of people bought the cheaper offer is just disrespectful.
I hope they will try to make it up to us, I will not place my order if I have to buy extra stuff...

OKAY... no more ranting... Here is my FOTD (Face of the day) 

Since I was excited I decided to use my MUA products today to make sure I liked them and to show you guys...

I am wearing the MUA blush in shade 4 and my Soap and Glory highlighter in Glow all Out on my cheeks. 

Lips: MUA lipstick in shade 15 Juicy. 

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer potion
All over the lid - MUA eyeshadow in shade 24
Crease and outer corner- Urban Decay Tease ad YDK (both Naked 2 pallette)
Matte highlighter - MUA shade 16
Eyeliner - Smudged Topshop Black kohl liner
Mascara - Maybelline Illegal length

Fondation - Revlon Colorstay
Concealer - Bourjois Healthy Mix Touche
Powder - tiny bit of Make up store loose powder

Thanks for reading as always and I hope if anyone had problems with MUA today that it will be resolved as soon as possible.
I do like the products but to be honest, there are so many amazing afforable products out there for few extra pounds, so I am gonna think about if I will place order or not. 

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Hope everyone had a great monday 



  1. Hello hun! I found your blog on MUA's facebook page and followed :)
    I love your make up look!

    I'll be glad if you check out my blog too, an international giveaway is running! :)

    1. Thank you!
      I will check your blog out right now:)

  2. Your make up looks really good! Love the eyeshadow colours. I hate annoying online sales when they do things like that!


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