Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New addition to My Little Corner: Introducing Guðrún Ósk - Faux-Fur Coats

As most of you know I live in London, however all my friends and family are back in Iceland.

My sister Guðrún Ósk is going to be posting regularly on My Little Corner. (So exciting!!)

She is a true fashion fanatic, she is currently a store manager in a popular shoe store in Iceland and has worked in other fashion stores as well. (She is also so beautiful, funny and talented... I have known her for as long as I remember so I should know right?)
She will be talking about the latest trends, how she styles and everything related to fashion.

I can't wait for her posts and I hope everyone will enjoy the new addition :)



Whether you just had a hard day at work or if life is taking its up and downs. As long as you have a big beautiful coat you can throw on, you‘re living sweet. Furs or faux furs, they all do the trick, it’s not just a fashion statement it’s about protection and comfort. My favorite part about winter is that I can take out my fur coats, especially on windswept days.

I have loved fur coats since I remember, my grandma used to have a big long fur coat that I loved to dress up in. 

Real furs tend to be very expensive when bought new but a lot of vintage stores sell second-hand furs on reasonable prices, some people are really against buying real fur. However my favorite is that you can buy faux furs on the high street and many of them look even better then the real thing.

You don’t always have to be fancy to wear a fur coat, I wear mine to work and on the night out. (just don’t spill drinks on it!)
My opinion is that fur goes with everything. If you’re on a time stretch, fur coat does the trick, wear jeans and a top, style it off with boots and go off to work, then switch to high heels, pop on a red lipstick and voila you’re ready for the night out. I also love to style my leopard fur with something colorful, for example a galaxy body suit (more about the galaxy body suit soon)

 have three fur coats, all of them are faux furs.I have a black classic one, one with a hood and my favorite, the leopard.

Me and my faux-fur coats

This is me and Sigga Bogga on Icelandic Airwaves, the music festival. 

She is wearing a fur vest and that is a good look, fur vest with a nice leather jacket under.

Here is some furry inspiration, or like I like to say furspiration!

Mulberry A/W 12

A golden tip : If your fur coat sheds a lot, put it in a freezer and it will stop!

Thanks for reading.
Let me know what you think about the faux-fur coat trend in the comments below.

Guðrún Ósk

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