Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty findings for £1

There is no secret that I love a great bargain and when I have a day off I like to walk up to my local small high street, sit down for a coffee and look into poundland.

I made a post about a year ago called 10 Makeup Products for 10 Pounds, which had products I found from Poundland...

It is always different in there and you just have to be lucky to find something great..

Here are few little things I found last week for a £1

I found the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail polishes.
These Nail polishes in general are amazing, the formula is good, and the brush is large and rounded.
I saw the gray/purple one and picked it up, there were about 10 other colors but I was in a hurry and thought I don't need anymore, but the next day I went back to grab a bright pink one that I saw but almost everything was sold out and the only color I liked was this green/teal color.
The one on the left is 404 Greige Gardens and 
the one one the right is 450 Fairy Teal

Here I am wearing the 404 Greige Gardens and it lasted around 4 days (while I was working) without chipping. I did try the Fairy Teal tonight and it was a little bit darker then I thought it would come out so I don't know if I like the color. 

Last week I went to 99p store (Same as poundland except everything is 99p haha)

And I came across one of my favorite products... for 99p!

Yes this is the Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On...

The reason why it's 99p is the packaging is half in Arabic (or something like that)

The product is the same as the one I have at home and the Eye Roll was in a closed box and not used haha
Now I have two brand new (I recently bought one since mine ran out)
(I will be posting a 'empties' post soon)

What great bargain have you been spotting lately?

Thanks for Reading

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