Sunday, September 23, 2012

FOTD - Sick day !

Hi Everyone!

ANYWAY... I have been so ill this weekend and I am starting a new job tomorrow YAY!
Today was spent with my lovely friend in Starbucks and I sneaked myself into superdrug and bought myself few bits (I do not want to admit how much I spent) haha, am I the only one that does that?

But yesterday I had to go out in the day but I woke up with the worst cold in a long time! Here are my few steps for a fresh looking face when you feel like just staying in!

First of all... I put on some refreshing peel off mask to wake up my dull complexion. (I did take a photo of me wearing it and put it on my tumblr)

These masks from Superdrug are so good and the are only 99p, I have been using few of them and I am thinking of posting a review soon :)

When you are sick/ill (what ever word you want to use)
The main thing is.. use as little make up as you can. 
When your face is tired and looks bad you might want to pile on the stuff but it shows especially when your ill, your eyes are tired and your nose is puffy, you need the right things to hide it. 

I used my Wake me up Foundation from Rimmel, wait first of all I did moisturize my skin and then I used  my foundation! It is a really good foundation and if you want more details about it please let me know in the comments:) 
Then I used my Wake me up Concealer from Rimmel under my eyes and to cover up the redness around my nose.
To top everything, I used my High beam from Benefit as my highlighter on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose.

I tried to keep my eyes very natural, I filled in my eyebrows with my Rimmel Brow pencil in Hazel.
I used my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and highlighted my inner corner and brow bone and blended it out. 
The eyeshadows I used are a pretty highlighter color and a taupe color from NYX trio. 
I applied them very lightly and then took a black eyeshadow from sleek and used that as my eyeliner, just a tiny bit :)

Here are the pretty colors.

Very natural, soft and makes your eyes look less sick, (trust me, I looked so bad before, the magic of makeup haha)

For my lips, I used very lightly this color, link here

So this is my final look 
All that is missing here in this post is my blush, and it is my stable - MAC pinch o' peach.

What is your 'sick'day makeup?

I have to say, I think the mask did so much for me and the foundation just worked wonders. I have been having trouble with the Wake me up Foundation but it really did help me yesterday!

Hope everyone has been having a good weekend :) 
Its Monday tomorrow! New week and a new job (btw I'm considering a diet)

Thanks for reading


Friday, September 21, 2012

Products of the day - Minimal makeup

Hi Everyone :)

Today I was woken up too early by builders! 
I did not have a busy day but needed to go and get my eyebrows done and find white shirt to start my new job! So I did not want to put too much makeup on today and I wanted 'no makeup' face for today.

These are all the products I used for my whole face :)

Face : Garnier BB Cream (Reveiw coming soon)
Garnier under eye tinted roll (more about that in this post)
Stay matte Powder from Rimmel (more about that amazing powder soon)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in 015 Cheris Devotion - LOVE IT
I am going tomorrow to pick up one more shade :) and I will keep you updated on how much I love these. 

Eyes are just basic, this is a Clinique mascara, small tube that I have. 
And my MAC eyelash curler

To add a bit of life in my face I just dusted tiny bit of Dallas from Benefit Blush on my cheeks.

I only used the big powder brush from Real Techniques and a small random angel brush for my blush.

Well I did take a photo of myself but it really was not in focus and writing this now I have taken my makeup off! haha

Anyway, just a post of the products I use to get a very natural minimal makeup :) 
What are the products you use everyday?

In the next few weeks I am going to try to post a blog every other day or everyday with things like mini reviews and continue with my sample challenge.

Have a great weekend :)
Until next time 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update + Small Sales Shopping

I got a job!!
Yes it was a short unemployment and the best thing it is a job that I really wanted.
I will be working in one of the larger Boots store in North London and the make up section is massive! Yayy!! 

Anyway until I start, which in the beginning was supposed to be the second week of October and now it is next Monday (again yay), I have been trying to keep myself busy with blogging and cleaning and boring stuff. (REALTY TV!)

Anyway, I am planning few new things in associate with this blog and if you are from Iceland (60% of readers are) you can check out this online store that I have: My Little Corner Boutique

A lot of readers don't have a blogger account so if you want to follow this blog, my tumblr, and all the beauty related things I am up to, please 'like' My Little Corner Facebook Page. (I am just starting it today so be the first one to like it lol)

This is what I have been up to today: Went to Strabucks, ordered a large Frappochino with extra Caramel on top and drank that in minutes. 

I stopped by in Store Twenty One, and found that all of their jewelry were two pounds or cheaper so I picked up two very pretty necklaces, both statement necklaces, and three small stud earnings only for 5 pounds!!
Then I went to Boots and I had 3 pounds off No 7 makeup voucher, and found this super pretty blue/green nail polish and paid only 2.50 pounds!!

Pictures are from Instagram: Follow me there as margretscorner

This is just a big random ramble blog post and I need to get back into a routine blogging.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far and tomorrow is Friday! 

What are your plans for the weekend??


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random phone blog post #1 - cleaning/organizing make up

Hi everyone!
This is just a quick post, I'm trying something new... Blogging from my phone! Yayy

So I will be doing small posts like this on random things once a week or every couple of weeks..
I do update my tumblr with random instagram photos, inspiration stuff and random fun things every day

Here is random phone blog post number one.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be cleaning my make up area and organizing everything, throwing things out and 'shopping my stash'
That means hopefully finding something that I haven't been using for ages and falling in love with it all over again.
I will be posting photos as I go tomorrow and perhaps I will be making a better blog post about how I organize my makeup tomorrow or next day... Let me know if you are interested :)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, I know it'd Monday but...

P.s. I stopped by at superdrug today and picked up Revlon Kissable lip stain for free with my loyalty card!! Made my day


Thursday, September 13, 2012

FOTD - Job hunting

Okay... a little too soon, in my last post I talked about my new job but guess what... Last Friday they told me they couldn't afford having me anymore... Just my luck.

But to be super positive, I will be spening my days applying for jobs, so this is my face of the day on Job Huntng day number one. 

Forgive the hair,  had a haircut that night.

So all I wanted was a bit simple eye look but not completely boring. 

I used the very last of my MAC paint pot in Trophy, Mac eye shadow in Floof and in Antiqued

The face was left pretty normal,  have been loving my Revlon Colorstay Foundation.
For Lips I used Rimmel lip pencil in 063 Eastend Snob and a Rimmel Lipgloss in 330 Snog

As you can see it is all about the little flick at the end.
I love playing with colors like this and still keep it pretty natural.

The complete eyelook - 
Mac Paint pot in Trophy
Mac Eyeshadow in Floof
Mac Eyeshadow in Antiqued

What do you think? Have you ever 'rocked' the Antiqued rustic liner?

Anyway I hope my job hunt will be short but Sweet, I got a big interview coming up in the next few days so wish me good luck :)

Check out my Tumblr. 
All my updates are posted there, Instagram, random inspiration photos and blog posts

Thanks for reading 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Color Appeal Eye shadows (I am BACK)

First of all let me start by saying, Helloooo everyone, I AM BACK (again)..

Yes I am a lazy blogger but that does not mean that make up is not on my mind 24/7...

So to get back into blogging gear, I have so many new fun things up my sleeve it is exciting. 
I just started a new job (2 months ago) and somehow I got super busy and I am trying to get more organized and do things that I enjoy.

And the best part... with a new job came weekly shopping trips for make up, Here are some of my latest finds... Hope you enjoy...

I have never been a one eyeshadow girl, but that might all be about to change...

I used to like the value of buying eyeshadow pallettes or a trio, quads and so on. But the other day when Superdrug had 3 for 2 on L'Oreal I tried these Color Appeal eyeshadows, and these colors were amazing. 

I swatched the first one I bought and it is called Metal Plum (number 153) and it was one of my favorite color for the fall.
It is a metal purple/brown/taupe color. 
These sort of colors are my favorite because you can just sweep it all over the eyelid and it does the job perfectly. 

Then I couldn't stop thinking about this other color I saw and I ran back to superdrug and picked up Platinum Beige (number 152). 

It is such a pretty color, the name perfectly describes it. I would say it is a bit yellowish/goldish/ platnium metal color with the prettiest shine, with tiny  (super tiny) sparkle, you can hadly see it. 

I know the photos can not give these colors justice, it was very late and hardly any proper light when I took the photos tonight, but the colors are just oh so pretty. 

These eyeshadows are not new in store but they are new for me. 

Here is what L'Oreal says about them : 

Color Appeal is a super-smooth eye shadow designed to provide long lasting colour in a soft silky format.
The super-smooth ultra-fine texture glides smoothly over the eyelid for even comfortable colour that doesn’t crease.

Color Appeal uses Micro-Jet technology designed to create an exceptionally fine, versatile powder that is easy to blend and beautiful to wear.

I agree!

One thing.. The colors are very similar and I might go and pick up one ore two more, but I dont think some of these colors are unique enought to get all of the other colors.

Have you ever tried these eyeshadows? What did you think?

Check out my tumblr and follow me there... (it is easier for some people) 
My tumblr is new but it will be updated more often than the blog... :) Click here

Instagram: margretscorner

Most of all, If you want to, please comment and tell me what you think? Do you have any L'Oreal eye shadows or do you want any?


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