Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update + Small Sales Shopping

I got a job!!
Yes it was a short unemployment and the best thing it is a job that I really wanted.
I will be working in one of the larger Boots store in North London and the make up section is massive! Yayy!! 

Anyway until I start, which in the beginning was supposed to be the second week of October and now it is next Monday (again yay), I have been trying to keep myself busy with blogging and cleaning and boring stuff. (REALTY TV!)

Anyway, I am planning few new things in associate with this blog and if you are from Iceland (60% of readers are) you can check out this online store that I have: My Little Corner Boutique

A lot of readers don't have a blogger account so if you want to follow this blog, my tumblr, and all the beauty related things I am up to, please 'like' My Little Corner Facebook Page. (I am just starting it today so be the first one to like it lol)

This is what I have been up to today: Went to Strabucks, ordered a large Frappochino with extra Caramel on top and drank that in minutes. 

I stopped by in Store Twenty One, and found that all of their jewelry were two pounds or cheaper so I picked up two very pretty necklaces, both statement necklaces, and three small stud earnings only for 5 pounds!!
Then I went to Boots and I had 3 pounds off No 7 makeup voucher, and found this super pretty blue/green nail polish and paid only 2.50 pounds!!

Pictures are from Instagram: Follow me there as margretscorner

This is just a big random ramble blog post and I need to get back into a routine blogging.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far and tomorrow is Friday! 

What are your plans for the weekend??



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