Sunday, September 23, 2012

FOTD - Sick day !

Hi Everyone!

ANYWAY... I have been so ill this weekend and I am starting a new job tomorrow YAY!
Today was spent with my lovely friend in Starbucks and I sneaked myself into superdrug and bought myself few bits (I do not want to admit how much I spent) haha, am I the only one that does that?

But yesterday I had to go out in the day but I woke up with the worst cold in a long time! Here are my few steps for a fresh looking face when you feel like just staying in!

First of all... I put on some refreshing peel off mask to wake up my dull complexion. (I did take a photo of me wearing it and put it on my tumblr)

These masks from Superdrug are so good and the are only 99p, I have been using few of them and I am thinking of posting a review soon :)

When you are sick/ill (what ever word you want to use)
The main thing is.. use as little make up as you can. 
When your face is tired and looks bad you might want to pile on the stuff but it shows especially when your ill, your eyes are tired and your nose is puffy, you need the right things to hide it. 

I used my Wake me up Foundation from Rimmel, wait first of all I did moisturize my skin and then I used  my foundation! It is a really good foundation and if you want more details about it please let me know in the comments:) 
Then I used my Wake me up Concealer from Rimmel under my eyes and to cover up the redness around my nose.
To top everything, I used my High beam from Benefit as my highlighter on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose.

I tried to keep my eyes very natural, I filled in my eyebrows with my Rimmel Brow pencil in Hazel.
I used my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and highlighted my inner corner and brow bone and blended it out. 
The eyeshadows I used are a pretty highlighter color and a taupe color from NYX trio. 
I applied them very lightly and then took a black eyeshadow from sleek and used that as my eyeliner, just a tiny bit :)

Here are the pretty colors.

Very natural, soft and makes your eyes look less sick, (trust me, I looked so bad before, the magic of makeup haha)

For my lips, I used very lightly this color, link here

So this is my final look 
All that is missing here in this post is my blush, and it is my stable - MAC pinch o' peach.

What is your 'sick'day makeup?

I have to say, I think the mask did so much for me and the foundation just worked wonders. I have been having trouble with the Wake me up Foundation but it really did help me yesterday!

Hope everyone has been having a good weekend :) 
Its Monday tomorrow! New week and a new job (btw I'm considering a diet)

Thanks for reading


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