Friday, June 15, 2012

NOTD - Mint Green for sunny days!

I don't know why but i have been tiny obsessed over mint green pastel nail polish.
Every time i saw someone with that color I just thought it really made the whole look complete.

So I really wanted one, but I already had one from Barry M!
I can not believe I had forgotten about this color.
I used it all the time last summer and I bet this summer will be the same.

How super cute is this nail polish?

Perfect for summer :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sample Challenge #1 Maybelline Foundation Super stay 24h

Starting on my sample stash... #1
Maybelline Super Stay 24h Stretch formula, Non-transfer, up to 24hr make-up.

This is what the Maybelline website says: Do it-all, Through-it-all makeup, 24-hour wear, no tr
ansfer and medium coverage.

Well I tried it, and this sample lasted two-three days, i just kept it in a bag and used it the next day.

First impressions:
That small sample lasted me 3 days, which means that you only need a little bit to get good coverage.
What I liked about this foundation:
Good coverage, the color did match me (it is a sample, what you get, is what you get). It did stay on through the day, (including an hour nap). It did not stay 24 hours, (I clean my face at night) (and who would want makeup on 24hr anyway) but it did stay through out the day. If I would be going out that night, I would freshen up with concealer.
I did not have to use powder over the foundation, the foundation really did not smudge.
No transfer so a big plus for that.

The foundation did mattefied my face, which I am not sure if I did liked or not, I am all about having fresh dewy face these days, but on the other hand, matte face is also something I like occasionally.
What I did not like about this foundation:
I feel that it did stick to dry spots, It is bit drying. I do not have dry skin, I have normal skin, so if someone has dry skin, I would not recommend this foundation.
I have normal size pores (not big at all) and all of the sudden this foundation found all of my pores and just gathered there...
It did not blend that well into my skin. Even though I had a brightening primer under. It probably needs to be smoothing primer under the foundation so it will blend a bit better.
I only use my fingers to apply so maybe if I would have buffed it into my skin it would blend better.
I really feel that my skin was a bit dull and the way the foundation gathered in dry area and around my nose was just not good.

So to get all that in few words.

Pros: good medium coverage, staying power, good color. did not transfer
Cons: drying, sticks to dry spots, sticks to pores, did not blend well enough.

And the big question is...

Will I be buying the Maybelline Super Stay foundation?

I feel that there are so many better foundations out there that do have a great staying power on, so unfortunally this foundation will not be ending in my make up bag.

But do keep in mind that all skin types are different and even thought I did not like it, you might.
Just start on trying a sample :)

So this is my first sample finished.

Do you have any experience with this foundation

Try out your samples and do the sample challenge :)

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sample Challenge (intro)

Wow.. month and a half since last post! I keep taking photos and writing down in my book but somehow I just do not get on the laptop. That is changing here and now, Summer 2012 will be known as The Summer of blogging! 

Anyway, The other day when I was unpacking my make up and then packing it again (story for later).  I noticed few of my samples from magazines over the last few months. Every time I get one of these sample I always throw them in my bag and then when my bag is being emptied it ends up somewhere around the room or in my make up shelf. 

So actually getting all of those sample in one place gave me an idea. I have few shampoos, foundation, creams and good stuff. So why not use them?

We all are guilty off just throwing the samples away and I am so stopping that now..!

Basically, what I am doing, I am going to use the samples, and decide will I purchase the product or not. That is what these company are doing by putting these samples out there.... right? 

I will post my first sample tomorrow and I think it is going to be a bit interesting, will just one sample do the product justice and what are the first impressions... 

What do you think? 
Do you have any samples of your own to try at home?

Please comment or share :)

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