Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Color Appeal Eye shadows (I am BACK)

First of all let me start by saying, Helloooo everyone, I AM BACK (again)..

Yes I am a lazy blogger but that does not mean that make up is not on my mind 24/7...

So to get back into blogging gear, I have so many new fun things up my sleeve it is exciting. 
I just started a new job (2 months ago) and somehow I got super busy and I am trying to get more organized and do things that I enjoy.

And the best part... with a new job came weekly shopping trips for make up, Here are some of my latest finds... Hope you enjoy...

I have never been a one eyeshadow girl, but that might all be about to change...

I used to like the value of buying eyeshadow pallettes or a trio, quads and so on. But the other day when Superdrug had 3 for 2 on L'Oreal I tried these Color Appeal eyeshadows, and these colors were amazing. 

I swatched the first one I bought and it is called Metal Plum (number 153) and it was one of my favorite color for the fall.
It is a metal purple/brown/taupe color. 
These sort of colors are my favorite because you can just sweep it all over the eyelid and it does the job perfectly. 

Then I couldn't stop thinking about this other color I saw and I ran back to superdrug and picked up Platinum Beige (number 152). 

It is such a pretty color, the name perfectly describes it. I would say it is a bit yellowish/goldish/ platnium metal color with the prettiest shine, with tiny  (super tiny) sparkle, you can hadly see it. 

I know the photos can not give these colors justice, it was very late and hardly any proper light when I took the photos tonight, but the colors are just oh so pretty. 

These eyeshadows are not new in store but they are new for me. 

Here is what L'Oreal says about them : 

Color Appeal is a super-smooth eye shadow designed to provide long lasting colour in a soft silky format.
The super-smooth ultra-fine texture glides smoothly over the eyelid for even comfortable colour that doesn’t crease.

Color Appeal uses Micro-Jet technology designed to create an exceptionally fine, versatile powder that is easy to blend and beautiful to wear.

I agree!

One thing.. The colors are very similar and I might go and pick up one ore two more, but I dont think some of these colors are unique enought to get all of the other colors.

Have you ever tried these eyeshadows? What did you think?

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Most of all, If you want to, please comment and tell me what you think? Do you have any L'Oreal eye shadows or do you want any?


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  1. Nice blog, like the eyeshadows alot, specially the metal one.

    Keep on bloggin'

    Like your style


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