Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This week I have been... #2 (Weekly Roundup)

Hi everyone, let's ignore the fact that this post should have been up a week ago! This week (week ago) I have been to Iceland to catch up with everyone and enjoy a little time off. I literally spent too much money in duty free shop, ate too much grilled food and laughed alot with my friends.
So here is a little roundup of what I have been wearing and ect..


YSL Black Opium Perfume - I have literally been dying to get my hands on this perfume but I have so many perfumes and I just couldn't justify it. Now I stick to couple on a rotation and got rid of the other ones. I had few sample of this perfume and every time I walked passed it I sprayed it and I just love it! This perfume is just right up my street and is quickly becoming my favourite, I have been wearing Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb and that is almost finish and if you like Flowerbomb then you will like this perfume.

MAC lip pencil in Edge to Edge - For about two months every MAC shop I went into I asked about this lipliner, the reason is because it is perfect to use with my Nars Anna lipstick. Now I have been using it for few weeks and it is very versatile, I have been playing around with different lipsticks and I love it also with a lighter shades. It makes my lips more plumped and gives them a nicer shape. This is a everyday staple for me now, I never used to use a lipliner daily but honestly this shade goes with so many lipsticks and lipglosses!

MAC Pigment in Tan - This is one of my favorite pigment/eyeshadow, every time I'm not sure what to wear on my eyes I put this on. So easy but beautiful, I literally apply blending shade in the crease and then use the MAC Pigment in Tan all over the lid with my finger and that is it. One of my favorite MAC product and if you are looking to invest in a MAC pigment then this one is definitely a must try. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pompeii in Blonde - I have been using this when I want more intense eyebrows, most of the time as soon as I get them threaded. I love eyebrows 'on fleek' (hah! has to be said) and the just look so good. I am not sure about the shade but I definitely like using this to get 'Instagram' eyebrows (you know what I mean!).

Necklace from HM - I picked this up before I went to Iceland and this was the only jewelery I brought with me, only because I forgot to bring anything else haha. Still I wore it with different outfits and it is a pretty statement piece that goes with most outfits. 

Sunglasses from Primark - Everyone in Iceland were obsessed with these sunglasses, I bought them the day before I left for Iceland and I just thought they looked different. No one believed they were from Primark and I honestly think that Primark does some pretty awesome sunglasses.


Food, Food and liquorice... I literally went all out in Iceland and ate like there was no tomorrow. My dad grilled for me couple of times and that is just the best meal ever. We also went out for dinner to Fridreksen in downtown Reykjavik and I had the best burger and the sweet potatoes chips were perfection.

Half of my suitcase was Icelandic food and sweets, mostly hot dogs, sauces and liquorice. I love love liquorice so much and when people in England are like eww no way, Icelandic liquorice is nothing like english one, you can't even buy it here in England!


I don't know if I have been drinking anything special, I keep on drinking my teas and my new favorite is the Pukka Cleansing tea, I love the flavour and I even got my friend hooked on it in Iceland. Unfortunately I forgot my precious Starbucks mug in Iceland so I need to get a new one this week because I can't live without it. 


I have not manage to finish the book that I am currently reading, I just haven't had the time and during the flight I just wanted to sleep because it was super early the flight. I actually wanted to buy the Icelandic Glamour since it just came out for the first time the other day, but picking it up and looking through it I was shocked of the price, it was 1600 kr and that is around 8 pounds! UK Glamour is normally 2 pounds in the store. I just couldn't pay so much money for a magazine when I read beauty and fashion blog daily for free. (Sorry I'm not cheap buuut...)


Eurovision 2015 - Yes I love Eurovision because it is a big thing in Iceland and it is awesome! Iceland did not get through to the finals and I blame it all on the production of the song, I am not going to rant but... the dress was horrible for a 22 year old, who needs five back round singers (unless they are the production teams friends), why stuff the northern lights into the backround, who came up with these stupid hand moves and so much more..! But I liked the song that won so that's what matters right?*

Keeping up with the Kardashians - If you are a friend of mine then you know I am a fan of this show, always have been and always will. I had not watched the newest season and I binged watched them all in couple of days and when I was in Iceland I watched the two piece special about Bruce. I love how much they are sharing their story and I think that this will definitely play a part in the transgender history. It is all about understanding and acknowledging other people for who they are. 

Orphan Black - Okay I am in love with this show, I really recomend this show and I'm definetly not going to give any spoilers but it is just so weird, exciting and fun all at once!

So that is all what I have been up to! :D

Thanks for reading


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Monday, May 4, 2015

This week I have been... #1 (Weekly Roundup)

Hi everyone, I want to share what I have been loving this week, I want to try to do these regularly (hopefully a Sunday stable). I am getting myself back on track and I love posts like this so I can look back and see what I have been loving, kinda like a diary :)


Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel Cream: I posted on Instagram (@margretscorner) that I received this Complexion Rescue Gel Cream. I will do a full review on it soon with before and after pictures, I just need to go and get my eyebrows done before I photograph my face! But so far I like it. It is like a very light tinted moisturiser. I definitely need good concealer for under my eyes, and then I can use this when my skin is good. I think I will use it alot this summer.

L'Oreal Nude Palette in Rose: What a surprise this palette was, I wore it this week and used the matte shades in my crease and done heavy blending and it just looked so good. These shades are beautiful and I think that the quality of these shadows are great. The palette is only £14.99 and it is very versatile. I definetly think it is a great buy!

NYX Butter Gloss in Cremé Brulee: I don't think there is a more perfect nude pink lip gloss than Cremé Brulee. I am not a gloss type, I always prefer lipsticks but there are few lip glosses that are just so easy to wear. The Butter Gloss is so buttery and not sticky at all. I have been carrying it with me in my handbag and grabbing it over all these lipsticks that are at the bottom of my handbag. I am posting a NYX Haul in the next few days where this lip gloss is featured.

Esssie Nail Polish in Status Symbol: I love Essie polishes and I remember wanting Cute as a Button but that one was out of stock so I grabbed the closest shade and that was Status Symbol. It is a creamy hot pink and I love it for summer time.

KIKO Roller Scents Eau De Toilette in Vanilla and Orchid: This has been such an easy item to carry around. It is a roller ball perfume and came out like a month ago with the new KIKO summer collection. I think it was around 10 pounds. I love anything Vanilla so I knew I was going to love this scent.

Topshop Sunglasses: I got these last month and since then I have been wearing them daily. I love the shape to them, they are clear on the side and I just love them.


Tea: I have been having some type of Green Tea in the morning and then the Dr. Stuart teas in the afternoon after my lunch. I have been drinking the Slim Plus or the Detox and I really like them both. The Slim Plus is supposed to be appetite suppressant and the Detox is detoxing but it has Milk Thistle in it which helps detox the liver. I am not a tea drinker but I have found a way that works for me. I have a travel mug from Starbucks that I brew my tea in and it keeps the tea warm for over 2 hours. That gives me the time to sip on it and make sure I finish my cup!


Well with me trying to be healthy I have been going to Wholefoods once a week. There are so many things that I am obsessed with in Wholefoods but I always get few of these Pulsin Raw Almond and Raisin Choc Brownie: They are so nice, the Brownie is a perfect Snack with some smoothie or tea in the afternoon. I love it!


The Girl on the Train: I bought this book last week and I read it in few days. It is so difficult for me to describe books. I always have been a big reader but I never know exactly how to describe the book because the book might be well written with a good story line or a plot but for me it is always about how I felt while reading, like excited or curious. This book kept me very curious, I just wanted to know what happened to the missing girl. I bought it because it was said to be similar to Gone Girl which I liked and it has a good plot so if you like these type of books then this one is good.


I am a TV addict so I will try to keep this short because I watch too many series. This week I have been catching up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Atlanta and New York... Yes I love them all!! I am most excited at the moment about the New York with Bethenny being back, I just wish that Jill would come back as well haha. I loved the last Beverly Hills season and the reunion was soo good. I just can't belive Yolanda is so ill. I think that there is 1-2 more reunion episodes of the Atlanta one but to be honest they are getting a bit boring now. 
I am also watching season 1 of Revenge, I don't know exactly how I feel about them. I was told that if I love PLL then I would love Revenge but I think I need to get onto season 2 to see if I am obsessed or just like it. Definitely tell me your current TV addictions?

I really like a round up of my week like this, I will try to do these at least every other week (hopefully every Sunday) but I am currently blogging on a TV since my laptop screen is still broken.

Thanks for reading


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Friday, May 1, 2015

Mac Rebel - Three dupes!

Hi Everyone

If you know me then you know I love a good dupe. I love expensive makeup but only if it is worth it and kinda special. If you can find something that does the same thing (same formula and color), then why pay more money? 
Here is the catch... Finding exact dupe is rare, for example: I have three dupes for MAC Rebel today but none have the same texture, they are very similar and if you are obsessed with this shade of lipstick then you can definitely have one of these three instead of Rebel and save yourself some money. 

Rebel is described as a mid tone creamy pink plum. It's actually more of a cool toned berry with pink undertones. The texture is creamy and opaque. It is easy to apply and wears nicely through out the day. If you are a MAC lipstick lover then the chances of you having Rebel in your collection are high but if you have it on your whislist then take a look at these three dupes. 

The first dupe is the Milani Color Statement lipstick in Sangria, this is my favorite dupe and I feel like texture wise it's the closest. I swatched all the shades and tried to get the best picture of all the lipsticks. Sangria is a tiny bit brighter when swatched but wears the same as Rebel (BTW ef þú ert á Íslandi þá fæst þessi varalitur hér og er aðeins 1890 kr)

The second one is probably the most known dupe for MAC Rebel and that is Wet n' Wild lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy. This lipstick has a matte finish so if you are looking for a matte version of Rebel then this is your lipstick. The formula is a bit dry so I try to apply lip balm before using this lipstick. This lipstick is easily available in US and I got my friend to pick it up for me when she was there.

The last dupe is the cheapest one and is only one pound! It is from Makeup Revolution which is a company that is bringing out new products every few weeks and they do the best dupes. This lipstick is called Rebel with a cause. The only difference with this one is that it is not as creamy and opaque as Rebel but if you are on a budget and you want to try the shade before actually spending 15 pounds on a lipstick then this one is great.  You can find this lipstick here online.

So there you have it! What are some of your favorite dupes?

Thanks for reading


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Saturday, April 4, 2015

FOTD ft. MAC Sable and Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg

Hey Everyone

I used to be obsessed with MAC eyeshadow in Sable. It was one of the first shadows I bought from MAC and couple of years ago I accidentally smashed it. I ended up buying it again in a single pot and I still think it is one of the most effortless eye shadows I have ever used.
I have a love/hate relationship of MAC eye shadows. You can check out a post about my MAC quad here and in that post I said I love MAC shadows but they are expensive and now you can get amazing quality for less money (for example Makeup Geek). 

I stopped collecting shadows in a big 15 pan palette. Got rid of the shadows that I broke or was never going to use and made a perfect quad. Now I still buy MAC shadows but in a single pot. (Stay tune for updated post on my MAC shadows) I am not a makeup artist so maybe if I could buy MAC with the makeup artist discount, I might buy more of the shadows.

Anyway I ended up buying the Sable eyeshadow again and I love using it all over the lid and also on my lower lash line.

Here is my FOTD and it is all about MAC Sable and Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg.

For my base I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer and the Chanel Perfection Lumére Velvet Foundation. I can't get enough of this primer and the Chanel foundation is one of my favorite high end foundations. I covered up my dark circles with the Nars Raidiance Creamy concealer and I powdered everything in place with the Nars Light Reflection pressed powder. 

I used the Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer to lightly contour and to warm up my skin. The blush is Nars Dolce Vita. I love this blush, it is described as a matte dusty rose but I feel like it has a lot of berry in it. It is kinda dark and since I'm so pale, I need to apply it with a light hand but it looks so lovely. 

I used the Urban Decay Naked Basic 2 palette to blend out Sable and to highlight my brow bone. For my inner corner highlight I use MAC vanilla pigment. 
I just apply the Sable eyeshadow all over the lid with a flat eyeshadow brush and then blend it out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush like MAC 224.

Sable is a cool bronze with a frost finish and warm red undertones. The texture is soft and smooth. The shadow is very pigmented and blends out so easily. 

I used my YSL mascara that has almost dried out and I am going to wait to repurchase it until I finish few other mascaras that I have lying around unopened, I will defnitly repurchase it though!

On my lips I have Nars Satin Lipstick Luxembourg and it is getting so obvious how addicted to Nars I am! The Satin Lip pencils are a must have and this shade in Luxembourg is a red with a lot of pink in it. It goes on so smoothly and lasts for few hours. 

From left to right
MAC Sable - Nars Dolce Vita - Nars Luxembourg
(I know that the blush is heavily swatched but I use it with a light hand and a soft brush. It looks lovely on the skin)

These are the two products that I used for my brows, I am actually rotating few products for my brows for the last few months so I should do a little post about the brow products that I am loving at the moment. 
I used the Soap and Glory Archery brow pencil to fill in my brows and then the L'Oréal Brow Artist to add a little volume and to set my brows. 

I love how Sable looks on my eyes and it is such an easy eyeshadow to work with, you can actually build up the color and the shadow adds so much dimension on its own.

I'm off tomorrow and I will be taking few pictures for my blog to keep up with a steady content here on the blog. 
I'm actually missing Iceland a lot this weekend while it's Easter. It is just so different here in London, there are so many cultures and religions here that everything is just like normal. The Easter eggs in Iceland are so delicious and it just feels all different!
I am going to go for a visit soon so I can't wait to book a little trip.

Thanks for reading!


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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Space NK Haul + FOTD with new products

Hi everyone
I went to Space NK few weeks ago and picked up couple of items and I also made a cheeky little order online on Space NK. (since originally writing this post I have actually bought few other things at Space NK and Liberty so maybe I will do a little follow up) 

I went to Space Nk and picked up the new Nars foundation, it is the Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation. I love the Nars sheer Glow Foundation so I knew I had to try this one out, it is really good but I might be having some troubles with the shade, I did pick up the same shade as the one in Sheer Glow but the Luminous Wightless foundation is so pigmented that the shades are not excacly the same. While I was in the shop I swatched the new Nars eyeshadow duo from the Spring 2015 line. It is called St-Paul-De-Vence. 

Onto the Space NK online order... well for few months now I have been trying to buy the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna. It is not available on every Nars counter and when I go to the one that do carry the lipstick it has been sold out! Well the other day I was in Space NK in Covent Garden and I asked if they had it in stock, the sale person went to get it and walked towards me with a lipstick in her hand and I got all excited, finally! BUT NO she looked at it again and it was Anita not Anna that she had, and surprise surprise they were sold out. So when I got home I was fuming and I said for once and all just order the damn lipstick. Then the website said: You are 36 pounds away from a free delivery, HA well that was it. I knew I wanted to try the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light after I saw Katrín María (check her out here) talk about it. I actually had swatched it and thought that it could be similar to the Nars Light reflecting powder. Well I did order it. The weirdest thing is though that the products came in two parcels on two different days. (hmm)

 The Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation is fantastic, so far I have been using it for few weeks now and I am kinda in love, I have to do a post with like before and after pictures because it is just so nice. The coverage is medium to full coverage and the finish is a beautiful semi-matte/semi-satin. It comes with a pump and the packaging is gorgeous.

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light is so pretty. First impressions were that I was not too impressed, but I kept on using it and now I use it almost everyday for a light dust around my face with a large brush or just under my eyes with a small brush. I did not think I would love this powder as much a I have.

The Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna is a smokey rose shade, I feel like it has purple undertones and it is very cool toned shade. I actually think it actually gives the whole 90's lip trend a little twist. I don't think I have anything like this lipstick and that is why I just had to have it. 

I love the Nars eyeshadow duo's and the new one just caught my eyes. The Nars Eyeshadow Duo in St-Paul-De-Vence is a new product from the Spring 2015 line. The due is described as a nectarine and a chestnut shade. I would say that the left shade is definitely a shimmering nectarine shade with peachy hint to it and the right shade reminds me of caramel color. 
This is perfect for my pale green-ish eyes and the right chestnut-caramel shade is my current favourite blending shade. I love wearing that shade all over, it blends out so nicely and has dimension to it. I then take the left orangy-peachy shade and apply it to the inner part on my eyelids. it just gives such a lovely editorial look. A different from the brown everyday look. 

I used all four products on my face here:

I know I look extremely pale and to be honest these pictures are quite true in color, it was just so gray outside when I was taking them.

The rest of the products that I am wearing are: 

For my concealer I used the Nars Radiance Creamy concealer under my eyes and then the Benefit Rockateur blush. I used the Urban Decay Naked Basic 2 palette but only the lightest shade to highlight my brow bone and then MAC eyebrow pencil in Fling to fill in my eyebrows. My mascara is my favorite YSL and then I used MAC Kohl liner on my waterline and this time I skipped the liner on my upper lash line for a different look. 

I currently have really big problems with my laptop and it looks like the hardware is broken.If I leave the laptop for like a whole day it works for couple of hours and then it just breaks :(

I am also a bit down at the moment with my blog since I change my blog address to margretscorner my traffic has fallen down so much, down by 100 hits a day :(
It will take time to build it up again but like I have always said, if one person enjoys my content then I'm happy!

Thank you so much for reading :)


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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Two Dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Blush in Mood Exposure

Hi everyone

Today I am writing about two potential dupes for a really popular blush. Hourglass Ambient Blush in the shade Mood Exposure. It comes in the Hourglass blush palette and it is the one on the right end side.

When I received the blush palette for last Christmas after I asked for it, I was super excited. These blushes are high quality and the shades are just beautiful. I have always been a big fan of a neutral/mauve/rose kind of blush, kinda difficult to explain... like Benefit's Dallas and Rockateur. Not super pink, just a blush that works with almost everything... and Hourglass Mood Exposure is just like that. 

I posted the other day about the new Max Factor Creme Puff blushes and wrote there that they might be a dupe for the Hourglass blushes, and guess what, one of those shades is quite similar to Mood Exposure.

I also bought few items from the new KIKO spring line, and while I was swatching the blushes the other day I found again, that one blush from the mosaic line is very similar to Mood Exposure. 

From left to right 
Hourglass Mood Exposure - Max Factor Nude Mauve - KIKO Santa Rose

There are however few differences between these formulas, 

Hourglass Mood Exposure is the smoothest and has the most pigmentation, still it is not going to be too much on your cheeks so you don't have to worry about having too much blush on. It definitely is a glowing blush that blends seemingless into the skin.
I am not the best with describing colors, but I would say it’s a dusky rose nude with a little plum/mauve undertones. It has an amazing finish, satin and very glowing. 

Max factor in Nude Mauve has a little more shine to it than the hourglass one, it is also a little bit more nude and has more mauve undertones than the hourglass.
I would actually say that it is very similar in texture and blends just as well into the skin (maybe a little bit better actually). 

The KIKO blush in Sand Rose is the least pigmented and not as soft as the other ones to the touch. It would be more suited for someone that is hard handed with their blush.
It is called sand rose and i would say it has more rose tone than the hourglass one but it is very close in shade, it is just a different texture and less pigmented. it is not as soft to blend out as the hourglass. However today I just wanted to wear minimum makeup and I grabbed this blush and it was perfect. since it is a little less pigmented than the other ones it is easy to use when you are in a hurry because it is difficult to make mistakes. 

Comparing these three is very difficult, the all look amazing on the skin. I would just recommend you go for the one that is more available to you and the one that is in your budget. 
I think the way I would rate them is the Tourglass, Max Factor and KIKO. I still love the KIKO one I just prefer how smooth the texture is of the other ones. I would refer the Hourglass over the Max Factor because it is more pigmented and is not as shiny as the max factor one, just really glowing.

The big diffrence is the price, the Hourglass blush palette is £56 and induvidually the blush is £28 (link here), the Max Factor blush is £8,99 (link here) and the KIKO blush is £11,90 (link here)

All these blushes are beautiful and I think that finding a dupe for something is not necessarily the same shade or texture, just how it ends up looking on the skin. These all look really similar on the skin and I am just obsessed with glowing nude-ish blush at the moment.

What is your favorite blush at the moment?

Thank you for reading 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday's FOTD ft. Stila in The Light palette

Hi Everyone

The weather here in London was horrible today, rainy and windy. My umbrella ripped and then just broke haha!. I had no special plans today but in Iceland there is Konudagur which is a day where we celebrate women so it is kinda like wives day, but for example my dad used to buy something for me and my sister as well. It is kinda like celebrate the woman in your life. 
In Iceland we don't traditionally celebrate Valentine's day but we have Bóndadagur (husband's day) and Konudagur (Wives's day), Valentine's day is actually in between these days. There is a long story about these days but basically the Konudagur marks the end of the month of Þorri. I am not going to go into Icelandic traditions but this all makes sense if you're Icelandic haha.

Anyway what I was trying to say, since it was Konudagur I wanted to do my makeup a little bit more than a normal Sunday and go out and buy myself something from Space NK. I actually bought the new foundation from Nars and a new eyeshadow duo. If I have time tomorrow I want to use them and take some pictures of both products :)

So here is everything I used today

I have been obsessed with the new Rimmel products, especially the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer and the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation. The primer is very long lasting. I have been using it for few weeks now and it is really good. I definitely feel like the foundation goes on more smoothly and lasts longer with the primer. The foundation is definitely medium coverage but it does look like your skin. The shade is a good match for my skin tone and I am in love with these two products. 
My concealer is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and my skin is bad right now so I need to cover my spots, for a highlight under my eyes I used MAC Prep+Prime highlighting pen, I have been using this daily and playing around with the whole v-shape highlight. To set everything I used Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder and this powder is fast becoming my favorite setting powder. 

I contoured with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, I will do a full review on this kit soon but I have to play around with it for a little bit longer. I used the middle bottom shade to contour and the top right as my highlighter. My blush is a new addition to my collection and that is MAC Warm Soul. 

I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pompeii in Blonde and I am still looking for the best brush to apply this product. It is easy to use too much but when you get used to this product it is amazing,

On my eyes I used the Stila in the light palette. I love this palette, I used to have it couple of years ago and got rid of it but I ended up repurchase it. I have Kitten all over the lid with a mixture of both matte browns in the crease. I just think this palette has it all. My liner is the Seventeen Make your Mark and that is on my top lash line and on my waterline I have the Makeup Revolution Inner Brigthner which is a light peach shade that brightens up your eyes. My mascara is the YSL Volume Effect Faux Waterproof Mascara, it is still my current favorite. 

On my lips I have the Revlon matte balm in Sultry, the Revlon matte balm are one of my favortie lip products ever. 

That was my FOTD ! 

I am currently on the Makeup Geek website trying to pick out eye shadows to order, if you have any recommendations let me know, I currently have a list of 12 and I am only ordering 9 haha!

Hope you enjoyed this little post :)
If you have any questions about the products that I used just leave them down in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FOTD - Easy & Quick products ft. Kiko eyeshadow stick & Clinique Chubby Stick

Hi Everyone :) 

I really enjoy dark berry lips with smokey eyes but let's be honest, it takes a bit of time. I think during the colder months, bold brows, smokey eyes with lots of mascara, flawless base and a dark lip is just perfect. However it takes a little longer til put all this makeup on my face. I found few products that are quick and easy to use and give that 'pull together' look within minutes. 

I used the Chanel Perfection Lumére Velvet Foundation and the Nars Raidiance Creamy Concealer for a good and natural coverage. I have been enjoying the Chanel foundation alot recently, I should definitely do a little post about it.
For bold brows I used the Rimmel Brow This Way, wax and powder duo. I am really liking this so far. It is in the shade Medium brown, it is a little to dark for me but I could not find a lighter shade in the store. I think bolder and darker brows are great for autumn/winter. This brow duo is good, I prefer a pencil to be honest but with the right tools this is great. 
I always have to use a eyeshadow primer and today I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 
The quick fix for eyeshadow is the shadow stick. I used KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in number 38 Golden Taupe. In my last post I spoke about a different KIKO shadow stick. They are just so easy to blend out and last all day!
I used a L'Oréal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure Eyeshadow in my inner corner as a highlighter. I don't have the name of the color in front of  me right now but like I said in my last post, you should be expecting a post with all the shadows I have :)
I used the MAC eyeliner on the waterline to make it a little darker and then applied loads of mascara. 

The mascara I am using is the Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof. I was going to do a separate post on this mascara because last year I was obsessed over another Dior mascara so I decided to try this one out. It is rubbish, for the price, no good. It crumbles down all over my face and just looks bad. It does not hold curl at all like most waterproof mascaras. It does not apply nicely and just don't bother buying this! (haha I just had to be brutally honest here!)

The second quick fix product is the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense moisturising lip color balm (omg long name) in 09 Roundest Raspberry. It is a beautiful raspberry shade that is so flattering.
I used the Benefit Christmas Set for my cheeks (Hoola bronzer and Dandelion blush) You can find a little review and pictures about that here.

The two products that really make the look are the KIKO eyeshadow stick and the Clinique Chubby Stick. Both these products are quick, easy and very convenience for everyday use. I just apply the KIKO stick and blend it out with my fingers. The lipstick is very winter appropriated and since it is a chubby stick it goes on really easily. the shade is such a beautiful raspberry color. I love both products and the KIKO shadow is called Golden Taupe on the website. It is a taupe shade with gold shimmer, the shimmer is not super obvious but it does give it a great dimension. 

What are your favorite easy and quick products?

Thank you for reading 


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