Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This week I have been... #2 (Weekly Roundup)

Hi everyone, let's ignore the fact that this post should have been up a week ago! This week (week ago) I have been to Iceland to catch up with everyone and enjoy a little time off. I literally spent too much money in duty free shop, ate too much grilled food and laughed alot with my friends.
So here is a little roundup of what I have been wearing and ect..


YSL Black Opium Perfume - I have literally been dying to get my hands on this perfume but I have so many perfumes and I just couldn't justify it. Now I stick to couple on a rotation and got rid of the other ones. I had few sample of this perfume and every time I walked passed it I sprayed it and I just love it! This perfume is just right up my street and is quickly becoming my favourite, I have been wearing Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb and that is almost finish and if you like Flowerbomb then you will like this perfume.

MAC lip pencil in Edge to Edge - For about two months every MAC shop I went into I asked about this lipliner, the reason is because it is perfect to use with my Nars Anna lipstick. Now I have been using it for few weeks and it is very versatile, I have been playing around with different lipsticks and I love it also with a lighter shades. It makes my lips more plumped and gives them a nicer shape. This is a everyday staple for me now, I never used to use a lipliner daily but honestly this shade goes with so many lipsticks and lipglosses!

MAC Pigment in Tan - This is one of my favorite pigment/eyeshadow, every time I'm not sure what to wear on my eyes I put this on. So easy but beautiful, I literally apply blending shade in the crease and then use the MAC Pigment in Tan all over the lid with my finger and that is it. One of my favorite MAC product and if you are looking to invest in a MAC pigment then this one is definitely a must try. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pompeii in Blonde - I have been using this when I want more intense eyebrows, most of the time as soon as I get them threaded. I love eyebrows 'on fleek' (hah! has to be said) and the just look so good. I am not sure about the shade but I definitely like using this to get 'Instagram' eyebrows (you know what I mean!).

Necklace from HM - I picked this up before I went to Iceland and this was the only jewelery I brought with me, only because I forgot to bring anything else haha. Still I wore it with different outfits and it is a pretty statement piece that goes with most outfits. 

Sunglasses from Primark - Everyone in Iceland were obsessed with these sunglasses, I bought them the day before I left for Iceland and I just thought they looked different. No one believed they were from Primark and I honestly think that Primark does some pretty awesome sunglasses.


Food, Food and liquorice... I literally went all out in Iceland and ate like there was no tomorrow. My dad grilled for me couple of times and that is just the best meal ever. We also went out for dinner to Fridreksen in downtown Reykjavik and I had the best burger and the sweet potatoes chips were perfection.

Half of my suitcase was Icelandic food and sweets, mostly hot dogs, sauces and liquorice. I love love liquorice so much and when people in England are like eww no way, Icelandic liquorice is nothing like english one, you can't even buy it here in England!


I don't know if I have been drinking anything special, I keep on drinking my teas and my new favorite is the Pukka Cleansing tea, I love the flavour and I even got my friend hooked on it in Iceland. Unfortunately I forgot my precious Starbucks mug in Iceland so I need to get a new one this week because I can't live without it. 


I have not manage to finish the book that I am currently reading, I just haven't had the time and during the flight I just wanted to sleep because it was super early the flight. I actually wanted to buy the Icelandic Glamour since it just came out for the first time the other day, but picking it up and looking through it I was shocked of the price, it was 1600 kr and that is around 8 pounds! UK Glamour is normally 2 pounds in the store. I just couldn't pay so much money for a magazine when I read beauty and fashion blog daily for free. (Sorry I'm not cheap buuut...)


Eurovision 2015 - Yes I love Eurovision because it is a big thing in Iceland and it is awesome! Iceland did not get through to the finals and I blame it all on the production of the song, I am not going to rant but... the dress was horrible for a 22 year old, who needs five back round singers (unless they are the production teams friends), why stuff the northern lights into the backround, who came up with these stupid hand moves and so much more..! But I liked the song that won so that's what matters right?*

Keeping up with the Kardashians - If you are a friend of mine then you know I am a fan of this show, always have been and always will. I had not watched the newest season and I binged watched them all in couple of days and when I was in Iceland I watched the two piece special about Bruce. I love how much they are sharing their story and I think that this will definitely play a part in the transgender history. It is all about understanding and acknowledging other people for who they are. 

Orphan Black - Okay I am in love with this show, I really recomend this show and I'm definetly not going to give any spoilers but it is just so weird, exciting and fun all at once!

So that is all what I have been up to! :D

Thanks for reading


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