Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Obsession #4 - New things in

Another Sunday and another Sunday Obsession.. but today I was lazy and working all week with just today (and a lazy Thursday) off I have not taken any photos or written anything... So my post today (it's already 10pm) is just a bit catch up and I just wanted to post my recent purchases that I bought this week. 

Working in Boots that has all these pretty things, you are always adding to your wish list and seeing new things so it is difficult not to buy everything.

I just took few photos on my phone of the things I got this week and I have been trying them out but I will try to post better photos in the next few days and do reviews.

I (My boyfriend actually) bought these China Glaze nail polishes at Sally (Beauty supplier) and they were on 3 for 2. They are all neon colors and did you know that neon colors dry matte? I didn't!
The colors are super bright and this photo is crap but I will definitely do NOTD with these colors.
The polishes are Orange Knockout, Flying Dragon and Pink Voltage
I have already worn the Orange one and people either loved it or hated it.
I just painted my nails with the Flying Dragon tonight. 

This is my fourth or fifth bottle of the Sally Hansen Dimond Shine Base and top Coat.
I love the Sache Vite top coat but I haven't had the Sally Hasen one in about 8 months and in the Boots magazine they have 25% off all Sally Hansen soo it was on a good price and I wanted to remind myself why I love it :) ad I do...
But I did pick up the wrong one first, The name is the same but it is the Dimond Shine nail hardener and the bottle is matte grey but this says Base and top coat and the bottle is shiny don't make the same mistake as me, painting your nails and waiting ages for the top coat to dry because it is not a top coat...

New goods from Rimmel!!
The Exaggerate Eyeshadow Primer - First time used it today and so far so good. Review soon (promise)
And the Apocalips Lipsticks/lipgloss (liquid lipsticks) in the colors 101 Celestail and 501 Stellar.
I have been using these and they are amazing, I will post good pictures of these because the colors are so great that they deserve it!
(Rimmel was also on 3 for 2)

First ever product from 17.
Boots has these kiosk where you put your boots advantage card in and you can print out these vouchers and I found 17 eyeshadow 50% off voucher so I decided to try the 17 trio in Nude Smoke and I have just been playing with these and they are so pigmented and bendable that I really want to try out more.

This is a big thing... The No7 Facial Cleansing Brush, This is supposed to be like the Clarisonic Mia, which costs over 100 pounds. I still have not justify buying the Mia but this just came in store and is on an offer for £15. Yes 15 pounds, normally it will be around £25.
I have used this brush twice and I might bring it back, I will give it few more days but I feel like it is too rough on the skin and scratches it (I will try to do a review when I have used it a bit more).
I don't know if I like it :S and I bet it is nothing like the Clarisonic Mia but I won't be able to judge that.
Maybe there is a reason for it being so cheap? 

And the last and the most boring item is that I finally bought myself a comb. I never really thought that I needed one but I have been trying to keep my hair healthy and when it is wet you should not comb it with brush but with detangling comb, so I bought one from Trevor Sorbie and I like it.

Well this is my new things this week, I have been obsessing over them and I can't wait to use the Rimmel goodies more.

While writing this post, the clock is almost midnight I have eaten more chocolate that you could imagine while writing this and had a really bad thing happen to few of my favorite nail polishes as all the bottle were boiling hot since I was burning a candle on the shelf underneath them.. does that make sense? and I hope I did not just ruin all my favoirte nail polishes... Typical me...
plus OMG I thought I just dropped my hair comb on the floor earlier but I just relized that I dropped my new eyeshadow trio and it is all broken. :( what a night... I should go to sleep

Thanks for reading 


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