Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Obsession #5

This is probably the most random Sunday Obsession up to date... but I can't help what I have been obsessing over. 

Last Sunday I did my nails with my new nail polish from China Glaze but since it has a matte finish and I did not put a top coat it started chipping straight away. I woke up on Monday morning and my nails looked bad.
I had to go to work and travelling with nail polish remover is not very smart (if it spills and my nail polish remover bottle is big). It started getting worse through out the day and by the time I got home I was tired and did not feel well so I went straight to bed.
That brings us to Tuesday.. My nails looked awful and I was at work serving people, I was helping this lady find a foundation and using my hands (obviously) it looked bad.
So I thought I will buy a small nail polish remover and cotton pads, but then I looked at the other option that we had...
We had the already soaked cotton pads in a small box which I had tried ad they leave your finger sticky, most of the time you need at least one pad per finger and they are so thin and smell bad... so no I did not want to get those even if they are very handy to have in your handbag. 

Then I saw this

It is the Pretty Quik, Instant Nail Polish Remover. 
The reason why I picked up this one instead of the Bourjois one that everyone owns is because of the size (the pretty Quik is almost half the size) and the prize is around £2.50 on the Pretty Quik

I dipped my finger in it, twisted and the purple chipped polish was gone, within a minute I did all my nails.

Here you can see the sponge and it has a tiny hole and you just dip your finger in and twist (okay thats weird but..)

You get it right?

And the best thing about the size is that I will carry this in my bag for a quick fix. It is also brilliant to travel with.

So overall as you can see it is a small container/bottle/tub (what ever word makes sense) that has a sponge covered in Nail polish Remover. It removes your nailpolish within 5 seconds (my experience). I also think that it helps remove glitter nailpolishes as we all know that is a true pain.
This does not leave your fingers sticky and this one does not leave your nails smelling like nail polish remover.

I do think though that in the end it will most likley leave your finger a bit dirty but since it is not that expensive you can just toss it out and get another one, but it should last me a while since I tend to keep this as a save me product and for travelling.

Anyway I am off again this week and have few good post in mind, one of them is How to find your foundation shade and I think I will be taking photos for that tomorrow so if you want to know when I post it, you can 'Like' My Little Corner on Facebook :)

Thanks for reading 


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  1. Ahhh ég verð alltaf svo sjúklega abbó við að lesa bloggin þín. Vildi óska þess að t.d. Revlon, Rimmel og Soap&Glory fengist hérna!

    En ótrúlega sniðug lítil dolla annars ;)


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