Monday, February 18, 2013

Foundation Days : Skin Tone

Yesterday I went through the five basic skin types (you can find that post here) and today I am going to go quickly through the basic skin tones.
I know I was going to post how to find your right foundation but since my laptop is being horrible to me, I can't get to my photos today so I will try to post that post tomorrow.

Anyway... How to find out what skin tone you are:

First of all, people normally fall into one of two groups, warm toned and cool toned.

If you are warm toned you have yellow undertones and if you are cool toned you have more pink undertones in your skin.

The easiest way to find out is to look at your wrist and see what color your veins are, yes it sounds weird but if they are blue toned (purple-blue) you are cooled tone and if the look more green (green-blue) you are warm toned.

So some people only buy clothes according to what will match them regarding skin tone. For example Silver looks better on cool toned people and Gold on warm toned people.
I am very flexible and just wear what I like best but it is good to know what colors do match me and thinking about it I have always liked silver on me rather then gold :)

I am cool skin toned and once someone told me it was because I was blonde with blue/green eyes, but  I do have blue veins and a pink undertone.

Sometimes it is very difficult to find out what skin tone you are but if you kinda have an idea that will help you find a foundation. Sometimes people fall into the middle and then are neutral.

Keep in mind everyone skin tone and type is different and the best way to find out what you are is to test things out and see what matches you!

What skin tone are you? You can easily ask any questions in the comments or click here and ask through tumblr :)

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