Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Obsession #3 - Dry Shampoo

What a week this has been. I have been on a holiday from work and all I have been doing all week is relaxing (and watch Downton Abbey). I did not want to do anything special because I am also taking a week off in February and another one i March. So excited for more holidays :)

So when I sat down to do my 'Sunday Obsession' I was not 100% sure what to do. I have not been using makeup all week. Not a lot of new things this month and I have been in some sort of routine lately. Then it came to me. Dry shampoo!

I was talking to my sister the other day about dry shampoo and she was not too sure on how it works and why I use it... Given that I use mine all the time and I just finished my favorite bottle this week, I do know thing or two about them...

So let's start...

What is dry shampoo? It is a powder that is used to clean hair. It removes oil, dirt, and all the nasty things that gets in the hair through out the day.

Why do I use a dry shampoo? Well.. I used to wash my hair everyday but that is no no! So in the last two years I have tried to wash my hair every two days, sometimes every three days.. gross? 

It makes your hair healthy ad happy, when you wash your hair everyday you are taking away the natural oils and drying it out. 
On the second day I feel my hair is sometimes a bit greasy (no one sees it but me) so all I do is spray the dry shampoo in, rub it and then brush it out! It takes the oil away and looks clean and fresh. 

Dry shampoo's are also used to give volume as the powder adds texture.

The brand I have been using and the only brand is the Batiste, I recently got the Trevor Sorbie and I do like that, it has a nice clean scent.

Batiste comes in three (maybe four) sizes. The small one is the travel size which is handy to carry in your purse, you never know when your hair is looking a bit dull.
Then I have the normal size and my favorite, the Original is finished and I might invest in the larger bottle which is massive.

The Batiste comes in so many scents and the first one I got was the floral and flirty, Blush... I can't stand it. The smell is too strong and lingers in the hair for a long time, I need to get rid of that bottle or use it up. 
But the clean and classic, Original is a good scent,
It does not linger in the hair and I really like it.

Batiste also has different dry shampoo's for colored hair because sometimes the shampoo leaves a white residue in the hair but I rub it in very well and then brush it out. I am also blonde so hardly no white residue.
When people want Volume they don't brush all the dry shampoo out so a dark hair is better off with a dry shampoo for dark hair. 

The top is just like hairspray top and sprays like hairspray.

The other day I bought three of the limited travel sets... why three?
They were on clearance for 25p each pack! True Story!
So now I am experience with the different scents to see if I will go away from my Original.
I might give one of the sets to someone special haha. 

It does what it says on the bottle! :)

So that was my Sunday Obsession this week, 
Please tell me what you have been obsessing over and if you have tried ad loved Dry shampoo.

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