Friday, January 3, 2014

Removing Glitter Nail Polish

Hi Everyone, 
It is that time again... after new years eve, when I have to remove glitter nail polish. I can promise you that no one likes that.. if you do then you are mental...
I took some photos of me removing glitter nail polish the other day and I wanted to share with you how I do it, at least how I make it easier for myself.

What you need: 
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton pad
Tin Foil

Next you need (ugly) glitter nail haha...

Cut Cotton pads and tin foil down, I always cut the cotton pads in four pieces and the tin foil in pieces that can wrap around my finger.

Pour nail polish remover onto one of the triangle and place it on the fingernail that you want to get clean. 

Cover the cotton pad with tin foil and then wrap it around your finger.

Wait couple of minutes and then wiggle the tin foil side to side and pull off...

As you can see, almost everything was gone, just tiny glitter and that was already gone 'soggy' so I literally just pushed it off.

And that is how the cotton pad should look like, this works wonders...

Most time I do all my finger nails at the same time, I look like an alien haha.

What do you use when you remove nail polish?
 I also love using the pots when you do one finger at a time but in they end they cost money and I bet you that we all have these thing laying around the house :)

Hope you have a good weekend
Margrét x

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