Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Sunday Post - My MAC palette

Hi Everyone

In this Sunday Post I wanted to talk about my MAC Palette...

When I started getting into makeup I bought the 15 pan palette and had a goal to fill it up with pretty eye shadows. It started off slowly, regularly I bought new eye shadows that would fill up a little space in my palette.
In the meantime I bought more makeup and discovered new things. If I had a bit of money and I went to MAC I ended up buying blush or lipsticks instead of eyeshadow.

Don't get me wrong, if I had millions I would have everything MAC offers... BUT I think it is a bit expensive to fill a 15 pan eyeshadow palette, each eyeshadow is £10 and the empty palette is £14 and correct me if I am wrong, according to the website you have to buy the insert separately if you want it and that is £6.50. So in total for a 15 pan eyeshadow palette WITHOUT the insert, filled up is £164 and with the insert you end up paying £170.50...
What do you think about that? If you are from America or Canada, feel free to let me know what you end up paying.
I will not even get into how much it is in Iceland since I will never shop MAC in Iceland because it is almost double the price of what it is in England.

So back to my MAC palette, I had few good shadows but I never reached for them. I used my Urban Decay Palettes instead and all my other eye shadows. To try to use my palette more and in honor of moving I depotted Urban Decay and a Too Faced eyeshadow palette, took the insert out of my MAC palette and had loads of pretty eye shadows in one place.

I did use them but then I went ahead and dropped the palette... YES worst thing ever... Loads of eye shadows broke and there was no way of saving them, I miss Sable and Phloof the most :(
Trust me, loads of tears and it still hurts to think about it to this day.

That brings me to right before Christmas, I had few MAC shadows but there were only couple that I used. My boyfriend ask me to pick out loads of things of MAC UK website and it was sent to someone in England and they shipped it over. I got loads of things and including that was a 4 pan eyeshadow palette and one more eyeshadow to create the palette...

So here it is in all of it's glory

Naked Lunch is my new addition, I really like this as a everyday color all over the lid with Kid in the Crease, or as a inner corner highlighter. Very pretty color

Antiqued might be like the second eyeshadow I bought from MAC. This color suits my eye color so well. It is such a pretty fall/winter color, all over the lid. (You can see how banged up the shadow is from the fall :( it was a horrible day)
Kid is one of my favorite blending color to use in the crease, it is perfect for everyday or to blend out a smokey eyeshadow. Kid can blend out any of the eye shadows in the palette :)

Satin Taupe is a classic, I got it because of all the hype around it and I do like it, it is a very pretty color all over the lid, I do think you definitely need a primer to have a smooth application with this eyeshadow.

If I ever decide to buy another MAC eyeshadow (that will definitely happen at one point) I might just buy them in single pot or switch one shadow out. If I want to buy more I will only get them in 4 pan. The 15 pan palettes are too big and I think having the eye shadows in a quad makes me grab for them more often and it is easier to travel with.

If you are looking into investing in some high quality eye shadows I would rather recommend Urban Decay or if you want to build up your own palette you should definitely create your own Inglot palette. I have to make a post about my Inglot palette since the quality is amazing and so affordable.

What is your opinion on MAC eye shadows? Do you think they are worth the money when you can get Urban Decay, Inglot and other high quality eye shadows for only the fraction of the price?

I never really thought about the total cost of having a 15 pan eyeshadow palette but now when I do think about it I don't really think it is worth it. The 4 pan palette is more money than any of the UD Naked palettes...
I do like the quality but on the other hand I prefer some of my other eyeshadows :)
I also got MAC Omega in a single pot to have as a eyebrow color or as a crease color :)

Thanks for reading, it was a pretty long post but I would LOVE to know what you thing about MAC palettes?



  1. These are such lovely, wearable shades. I'm get to start a Mac palette but this is exactly the sort I'd make.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. I know, these colors are so pretty! I am posting few looks with these shadows around next weekend :D you can see there how pretty they are on the eyes



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