Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I (and everyone else) ♥ Kate Moss

How excited was I when I found out Kate Moss was coming out with a lipstick collection for Rimmel London, It was few months ago and the moment they came out. I ran to Boots and got the only three they had in my boots. And the best thing about Rimmel  is that, most of the time, they have three for two.
So I only paid for two and got the third one for free.

These are the ones I got. There are seven colours,
and I got these three. 

They are all Lasting finish Rimmel Lipsticks, I already loved the lasting finish lipsticks from rimmel so the improved formula with these amazing colors just makes perfect
The colors I got are number 5, 3 and 1.

Here is number five. It is a great pink. its very hard to describe it.
It is not a bright pink but it is very pink. I really love it.
It is very wearable and a good lipstick  when you want color to your lips.

The second I got was a no brainer!
It is of course number 01.
The Kate Moss red one!
This color is the signature color for the collection. And there is no surprise how great this color is. It is a very rich red color and it goes great  with my skin tone. I have seen other skin tones wear it, and apparently this is a great universal color.
I have a huge crush on this red lipstick and I find my self grab it more than my other reds.
I would hugely recommend this color to everyone!

This one is number 03 and is a beige-nude. I am a big fan of the nude lips and this color is really nice. It has a tint of caramel in it, and the fact is that my skin is very pale so it looks a little bit darker than my skin tone.
It goes however really nice with the dark smokey eyes and yet again.
Another hit from the Kate collection

Here are my swatches, My pictures are not the best, but they give a pretty good idea.
From top. 
The nude 03
The Red 01
The Pink 05

All of these lipsticks are lasting finish and they last up to maybe 4 hours.
The all have a very rich formula. And are very smooth. They wont dry up your lips. The smell very good witch is a nice plus!
Overall... I am in love with this collection! Big fan and I hope Rimmel and Kate do another collaboration.!


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  1. Brilliant blog ! I would love the red one, Kate Moss is always fabulous with red lipstick, hoping it will transfer....



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