Monday, March 10, 2014

The Sunday Post - Last night and a privacy issue!

Hi Everyone!

I am writing this late on Sunday while having stomach cramps because I ate too much candy.. True first world problems!

A little photo by me :)

I had a great time yesterday, my cousin had a little party. So a little story about Icelandic culture... See how in UK/US and more places your relatives are called aunt, cousins, niece and so on, depending how you are related to them. In Iceland we basically have one word for female 'frænka' and another for male 'frændi'. (Obviously you have other words for parents, siblings and grandparents) but for all other relatives like second cousin and cousin it is the same!
So what I am trying to say.. She threw a 'frænkuparty'
Lovely dinner and drinks but even better company. I knew my family was loud (we are known for it) and a bit crazy, just the ladies of the group to be honest, but last night was something new haha

I wanted to take a proper picture of my makeup but I was rushed and I didn't have time to take pictures of my whole makeup. I did manage to snap couple of my eye makeup and I loved how it turned out.
I used the new MUA Pretty Edgy Eye Palette and I promise I will do a whole post about it because it is pretty awesome.

So onto something else... I need to know what you guys think about this, please do let me know.
I have been blogging for awhile now but I never give it to much thought. It is called My Little Corner because it is. It is a little corner where I can do whatever I want to. I do blog about beauty but that is what I really love. In the last year or so I have been getting more connected in the beauty community. I started posting regularly and connecting my blog to my Instagram, Twitter and other social media. I love getting to know other bloggers and I love it when people look at my blog and even comment.
However... Iceland is a small country and people are just sometimes a bit curious. I had a person accidentaly like a picture on my Instagram, they were not following me and when I clicked on it, the like was gone. I recognized the screen name, even though I am not following them. So they were going through my pictures and double tapped on by accident. (Old photo as well)
I had my Instagram on a private setting since I do post normal personal things on there as well, but everything I was tagging (like bbloggers) was not seen by people in the beauty community so I opened it again and thats when I realised there are people looking at my profile that I don't necessarily want to look at it.
I do realise with blogging comes all of these things but I have just always been in a little bubble here on my blog. Not a lot of my friends read it and people don't really care that you blog in Iceland. However I am putting myself on a place where people that don't really care about my content can take a sneak peak into my life...
I know I just have to not think about it but to be honest it felt a bit weird knowing someone was looking at my photos when they really had no place doing it.
What do you think? Any tips?

I normally don't care what people think of me and I don't care about this, but there is something annoying me about this. I am not bothered with two Instagrams accounts and so on...

Well I have to go and continue watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I am just watching season 1 and already on episode 8, btw I started watching them today)
Yes, another thing that I live for, reality TV, or just any TV haha
I also have a big exam tomorrow, the test I should have taken two weeks ago but I am taking the sickness test.
AND I AM GOING TO LONDON IN 9 DAYS.... but more on that later

Thanks for reading 

Good night:**



  1. Looool, only you would have a stomach cramps from too much candy ;)
    Looove the eyeshadow look! As for the privacy issue, why not just disconnect it from Twitter/other social media networks? I think that's the easiest solution here, and only those with the link from your blog can access it/send you a request! (Because if you link in on Twitter, people can see the photo even though your Instagram account is private)

  2. I would say don't mind that person, keep doing what you're doing or simply block them. It's easier that way in my opinion.
    Otherwise I love your make up and it's great to find out about other Icelandic bloggers out there.x


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