Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015.

Hi everyone and happy new year! 

After reading many many blog posts about 2014 and the new year, most are very positive but it is always very refreshing to read honest post like the one written by Louise (Sprinkle of glitter).
I wanted to write a little honest post of my own. 

I am very happy that 2014 is over. Not that I had a horrible year, it just hasn't been the best one. I am not ungrateful or unappreciated for the people in my life. The thing is just alot of the time I feel stressed, anxious and down. I strive towards being happy and if I am not happy I feel like I just don't function.

I genially want to be happy and in control of my feelings but it is sometimes a big challengeI was away from all my family and most friends over the holidays since I was here in London. It could have been really amazing and I could have really pushed the people around me to do things with me that I would have enjoyed but the truth is, it was just easier to lay down and watch netflix. I was feeling homesick alot and if anyone understands it, it can be quite difficult to pull yourself together.
I felt like the holiday season was a heavy burden. 
I was struggling in the beginning if December with my exams and before I knew it it was the week before Christmas and I was working full time. 

I am learning that it is okay to feel sad and to miss home. I normally ignore those feelings and they end up building up to something I can't control. 

One of my new goals in life (New year resolution) is to enjoy myself and to make things happen for me. Small things that makes me happy will be priority and it is okay for feeling sad sometimes. I just need to find these small things to do (other than to watch Tv), top of my list is going for walks, yoga (exercise) photograph and blogging, and these small things will help me get up and shake it off.

I think I will take this year to work on myself and make small changes that will make me happy and healthy. I am pretty sure I am not the only person that sometimes feels like things get too much for some reason or another. It might not be a valid reason to everyone but for me it is. 

Onto another more makeup related topic :D

I feel like my makeup collection has gotten a bit out of hand recently and for the month of January I am going on a little spending ban. I will take 'opportunity' to explore my stash and appreciate my makeup. I am still waiting for four deliveries (yeah four) This is the reason why I have to go on a spending ban haha... aaaaand I am already regretting writing this since I have few things on my wishlist...

But there are few exciting posts coming up and I am thinking about doing some sort of collection posts about my favourite brands or a one brand look, if there are any specific brands you are interested in, let me know because I might write about them.

This blog is going to be a big priority from now on. I have reach over 100 followers on bloglovin in 2014 and I was suuuper excited about that! If you have a blog let me know because I love discovering new blog through bloglovin :)

Whatever happens this year I am going to stay positive and strive to be happy and enjoy the process.

If you managed to read through this post, Thank you for reading 


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  1. Oooo vá hvað ég skil þig vel. Mér fannst þetta frábært færsla <3
    Stundum virðist allt bara eitthvað svo grátt og óspennandi- en þá er um að gera að reyna að breyta viðhorfinu, sem er oft sjúklega erfitt en klárlega þess virði þegar öllu er á botninn hvolft :)


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