Friday, July 26, 2013

My Thoughts On... No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara (Waterproof) and FOTD

Hey Everyone!
Today I am going to give you my thoughts on the No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara.

 Correct me if I am wrong but I think this is an older product but in new packaging with improved formula? At least that is what I think and I have not found any other information online. There is the Extravagant Lashes Mascara which is different. 

This mascara has had horrible reviews online and I kinda understand why...
The wand is huge and there is a lot of product left on the wand when you take the wand out. It can really clump your lashes together if you are not careful. 
However, if I am being really honest... I liked it. 
It coated all my lashes (sometimes too much) and gave me volume and length...

The more the mascara dries out the more difficult it is to apply it. The product ends up clumping on the wand. It was really good in the beginning but I have had mine now for about 2-3 months and it used to be better, still I keep on using it instead of some of my other mascaras.

 Here you can see how clumpy the wand gets.

The wand is a plastic wand with tiny spikes at the end of the wand.
It has tiny bristles and there is space between them.
I feel like the formula is wet and especially when the mascara is new.

So this is how the lashes end up, I only applied one coat and I feel like the waterproof formula held the curl well through out the day. 
You can see a bit of clumping but still I like it, I am not a big fan of very natural looking lashes because my eyes will just look un-done. 
I have the most boring, straight lashes ever and I like it how the mascara makes my lashes look.

The waterproof formula is good, it is not the most waterproof mascara I have used and it does flake if you cry, no smudging just flaking. It stays on all day and if there is no crying or raining, it will hold up well without smudging.

Overall this mascara has a huge wand, it collects extra product on the wand and that can cause clumping.
I feel like it gives me normal length and volume.
The formula becomes worse as it dries out.
The waterproof formula is good and does not smudge.

On to - Face of the day (FOTD) with the products I used:
 My make up for the day:
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Bourjois healthy Mix Powder
Wet N' Wild Walking on Egghsells eyesadow Palette (haul here)
Bobbi Brown Corrector
e.l.f. blush and Contour duo in St Lucia (haul here)
Bourjois Concealer
Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil
No7 Metallic eyes eyeliner 
The lipstick is MAC Viva Glam Nicki (the original) it is just not in the photo but I have a post about that lipstick here
Let me know if you have tried the No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara, and if you like any of the other No7 Mascaras?

Leave me a comment and your link so I can check out your blog as well :)

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  1. I like the results of this mascara! But it's definitely not 'Extravagant Volume' as the product claims (in my opinion), heh.

    It's a shame this mascara gets worse when it dries out because I usually find that when mascaras dry out, the results are better. I like drier mascaras!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Yeah it is a shame, it just really clumps up when it starts to dry...
      I find that the claims mascaras makes are hardly ever true, it might be the fact that my lashes are horrible and wont hold a curl unless it is a waterproof version.. Which one is your favorite mascaras?

    2. Yeah thats true; waterproof mascaras have gel in them instead of water, which really holds a curl better

      Heh, I like Almay's 'Get Up and Grow' but I'm not sure if you can find Almay in the UK? But Maybelline's 'One by One' is also pretty good c:


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