Friday, March 9, 2012

FOTD - Soft and easy, inspired by Emma Stone (Oscars 2012)

Reg Carpet season has just ended so I have a life again..
So many amazing dresses and the make up, was so good,

The other day I was looking at some photos and I always stop at Emma Stone.
At the Oscars she looked so glowing and flawless.

I can not pick my favorite but I was very inspired by her makeup therefor
I decided to try MY take on the look.
I am not trying to look like her, however I did use some inspiration from her for the look.

Her look was very soft, with a light pink shadow and a glowy skin

Here is my take on the look .

Super easy and cute for every day look

It was such a grey day here that trying to take good photos was not working really well.

Basically what I used 
Eyeshadow: Mac Grain as a basic lid color
Mac Paradisco, peach pink with a bit of golden shimmer as the pink color

L'oréal Super liner in black. 

Blush: number 001 in Spring flower

and on my lips I have Mac Hue, my favorite nude/pink.

Hope you guys enjoyed that, what are some of your favorite looks this red carpet season??

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