Friday, March 2, 2012

Favorites: Febuary 2012

This month has gone by so fast!

I did not buy any make up products this month (which is a first) and I kept my basic routine.
It was a special month and I was busy taking care of my boyfriend that had an operation so I took a bit of break in shopping and trying new products.

But I still have a few products that I used more this month, and that is: 

Last summer I was around looking around my Benefit counter and did some good shopping, and the lady said my under eye area was a bit dry. So I got the Sample size of their skin care.
I did not think much of it at first and did not use it. But this month I ran out of moisturizer so I grabbed this.
It is the Moisturize Triple preforming, Facial emulsion, it is oil free and has SPF 15.
And the eye creme is called It's Potent!

I really like the result and am thinking about getting the full size bottles because I have almost finished the sample size now.

But on the other hand. Skin Care is always something that is a big question for me.
I know what is good but with all the products out there... WHAT TO GET?
If you have anything that you LOVE please let me know :D

Free gift with purchase of Elle.. Is always a bonus but what when it is something that is on your Must-Try/Must-Buy list... you almost die of happiness!

Anyway so that is the Soap and Glory Mascara!
I love Soap and Glory and I need to try their lipstick as well!

This mascara is good. It is very difficult to find your perfect mascara so this mascara might be good for me but for others... ?
For me it does thicken my lashes and I hate wet mascaras, and this one is not to wet and dries fairly quick after application. The color does not fade. And I have to say that I was really impressed!

This month I went back to applying my foundation with a stippling brush.
So Everyday I grabbed this brush!
Sorry about the brush being dirty :) I am washing it later Ha!

What way do your prefer applying your foundation?

I love...
This has some of the best smelling products ever!
I have the best shower cream/bath cream. It smells so good

But this lip balm is so good and smells just like raspberry and blackberry!
Love, I Love... 

Anyway that is it! :)

It is such a lazy day today and all I am wearing is really natural eyes, just a bit of light brown and golden shimmer, (can't really see the golden shimmer though)
But you can see the Mascara, only one coat and they look thicker.
And the lips are super natural with my I love... lip balm! 

Hope all you guys are having a good day 

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