Monday, March 26, 2012

NOTD... Pretty Peach Pastel

Spring is definitely here
and one of the trends this spring/summer are Pastels colors on your nails.

I got some of my favorite pastels colors out the other day

I went to superdrug the other day and i picked up two new Barry M nail paints and one of them happened to be this oh so pretty soft peach color. 

It is number 318 and called peach Melba

It is a typical Barry M nail paint, and I love it
Very good pigment, Good drying time.. HOWEVER my middle finger got really bad after I put my top coat on.. but I was in a hurry so i couldn't take it off and do it again...

But you can see the color and like Barry M Nail Paints, the color is super fun and a great pastel for spring,
 it would probably go a bit better with a tan skin, but hey I will never be tan so why even try..
(I am trying though to use dove moisterizer/tanner as we speak, wish me good luck)

Anyway, what is your favorite pastel color for this spring/summer?


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