Friday, February 14, 2014

January Favorites 2014 (late I know...)

Hi Everyone!

I really wanted to get this post up before it is too late and I think I might be too late. My personal life has been so busy and in the last couple of weeks it has changed a lot. But still I want to get back on track on blogging!

January was such a long month! I thought it would never end haha and now February is almost half way through and I feel like it is the 1st of Feb. Here are the products I enjoyed using almost every day through January. 

There is a nice mixture between high end and drugstore makeup this month, I used a lot of MAC products since I got soo much MAC stuff for Christmas.I also used the same mascara all month and fell in love with a drugstore lip gloss :)

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - Amazing concealer, that's all there is to say! I will do like a before and after photo of my dark circles and then you will agree haha. I have been wearing it almost every day and so far I think it will be a stable product from now on. 

MUA Intense Kisses in Lips are sealed - Who knew this lipgloss would be this great. I am not a lipgloss kind of person, I prefer lipstick but this lipgloss is so soft and creamy on the lips. It is very pigmented and keeps my lips just very moisturised. Love the pink shade of it as well. 

Maybelline Falsies Mascara - I used to have this mascara like two years ago and then I loved it and I still love it. I need to do like a before and after pictures with this mascara. It just makes my lashes look so nice.

Chanel Lipstick in Saga- I love this lipstick, it is just one of the perfect everyday lipstick that makes you look well put together. It feels great and I really love the formula of it.

Elf eyeliner and too faced eyeliner - this eyeliner duo was a stable this month, I did a post just with these two eyeliner and definitely go and check it out here and see the swatches. The too faced eyeliner is so black and waterproof, I just can't get over it!

Mac Mineralized skinfinish Natural - No matter what foundation I wore I used this powder to set it. It gives a natural finish but still keeps it matte. It also gives me a little extra coverage without looking cakey 

Mac palette - I loved this palete last month, I did a post on it here where I talked about it. To be fair it is expensive but is very special to me. In February I will post four looks with this palete that I did in January. I wore it non stop for like two weeks. You can get super natural look with these shades or a bit more edgy. The eye shadows are very soft and pigmented. The colors I have are Kid, Naked Lunch, Antique and Satin Taupe.

Well, even though it is so late it still are products that I have been loving lately!
I hope to do a update post soon since I have been MIA for like two weeks now

Thanks for reading

Margrét X


  1. I feel like MAC is one of those generic brands that people feel like everyone would appreciate....which is probably why you got so much of their products for Christmas?
    Everyone raves about the Pro Longwear concealer, but I'm scared of going into the MAC store! + not a fan of lipgloss either, but that MUA lipgloss is so pretty c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. Well the only person that got me makeup was my boyfriend, and he gave me ALOT, I made a huge order on MAC UK website and we got it shipped over.
      I really think you shouldn't be scared of going to a MAC store, just do a little research before so you kinda have an idea of what you want to look at.
      The MAC staff is there to help you, they want to help you. If you have a bad experience then I would just call up the store and make a complain.. hahaha!

    2. HAHAH nice. Nah, it's just I find that they're either pushy or snobby. There are occasional nice MUAs there, but yeaaah.


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