Wednesday, April 24, 2013

L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain - Juliet & Romy - My thoughts

I got my hands on the 'new' L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain in the colors Juliet 300 and Romy 102 and here are my thought on them, Please do let me know if you have tried them, what did you think and if not, do you want to try them?

First off... Look at the packaging, so elegant and beautiful, the light golden metal with the color stripe is so nice.
These have surprised me a lot, people seemed to confuse them with normal lipstick stains that just stay put all day and then flake off (which I hate) but these are very glossy but stain as well.

They wear off nicely and evenly. They do feel a bit sticky and I am fine with that while I am at work but if I know I am going out with my boyfriend I will not wear them as I don't want to have sticky lips haha - for obvious reasons

I normally apply them on around 10 in the morning and at 14:30 they are still on, the color is still there but the gloss has worn off. That means good color for at least 4 hours!

I thought I would not like them at first since the color does not look that opaque on the lips but if I think about it as a long wearing lipgloss - I Love it

The color Juliet 300

 The application it self is nice, The wand has that heart shape and is easy to use, They formula goes on very smoothly.
I saw on one of the stands in store that it says feels like water, well it goes on like thick water (gross description but hey) but it does not feel like water on the lips hahah it is a bit stickier than that. 

The color Romy 102

These are apparently dupes for the YSL glossy stains, I have not tried the YSL glossy stains so I can not comment on that :)
But they are affordable £7.99 and right now Boots has them on 3 for 2 :)
Swatches on my hand, only one layer. Really pretty colors :)

Thanks for Reading :)

P.S - This picture is about an hour later, after I washed my hands... clearly it stains :)

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