Monday, September 8, 2014

The Sunday Post... Ramble and Update

Hi Everyone :)

I want to get back to blogging and what can be a better way than a ramble little Sunday Post.

Well I am back in London and I have been here almost 4 months, the summer is over and I can't believe how quick it went by. My favorite season is here and I can't wait for September/October months. 

I am going to do a little catch up on Sundays here on my blog, I like looking back and seeing what I have been up to (full of myself much?)..  For the first week of September I have been trying to get more organized and healthier. I am trying to make little changes here and there. The week didn't start off well since I was stuck ill at home, I was off work until Thursday, so a slow start. I did manage to go out for a run three times (my little goal is to go at least two times a week) and until Friday I was eating fairly healthy through the days. But this weekend I have been on a little binge, for example, today (Sunday) I was working and I got to the shop and someone had smashed the window at work so guess how my day started... 
On my lunch I got myself a magazine (Company of course with Ferne Cotton on the front) and sat down in one of my favorite places Harris and Hoole. 

Well I can promise you that I really enjoyed it :) - That Cake!

One thing that I have been putting off all weekend is looking at my Uni stuff, basically my Uni started last Monday but since I am living in London attending Uni in Iceland while working a daytime job (complicated enough?), it has been difficult to sort everything out. I was registered in all courses that I took last year so I spent most days on the phone or sending emails last week. I officially got registered to the right courses last Friday so tomorrow I am already a week behind and I need to spend the next few days catching up (and buying books).

One thing that I haven't been forgetting is shopping... this is my latest Instagram picture (@margretscorner)

I am ashamed of myself... and a little proud (There is more than this) 
As you can see I have 'few' new products that I need to use and I will tell you all about it. I also have few great ideas that I want to post. (MAC lipstick collection and one brand FOTD) If you have any other ideas let me know in the comments :D

I am pretty sure I might be going on a spending ban since me and Ethan are going on a little trip soon (I am so excited!). I have never actually banned myself from spending money haha it is a bit silly but I have turned into a little shopaholic recently.

And here are few of my most recent makeup Instagram snaps :)

I can't wait to get into next week, even though Ethan is pretty sure I have a fever right now and honestly I have the worst eye infection ever (So gross) but tomorrow I start work at 3 pm, I am going to organize my Uni and post tomorrow blogpost up :D

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Thanks for reading this random ramble and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin (btw I hit 100 followers the other day, more on that soon! <3 font="">

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  1. ROLLIN' IN DA DOUGH, I SEE ;) (That haul is glorious though @_@)
    Oooou, where you guys off to?


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