Monday, October 6, 2014

My new MUJI storage

Hi Everyone, hope you are having a good Monday!

I wanted to share with you the new Muji storage I bought the other day. I was having a little look around in Selfridges, alone and ended up buying all this storage. I had to carry it home along with all my other shopping and going on the tube in rush hour... Picture that haha...

I bought six pieces all together, two of each one. The first one is the 5 drawer box, next is the  2 drawer narrow and the last one is the three section box (I could not find the link for that one)

This is how it looks all put together :)

I haven't sorted everything out completly, I have ideas about how to organize it and I am getting excited about it. I have a lot of makeup. When I went back to Iceland I gave my sister a full bag of makeup and left her with stuff to give to my friends. I will be going through my makeup and trying to condence it but I really like everything I have.

 Here are few pictures of the Muji storage.

I have one draw with my high end lipsticks. I got my YSL and Canel lipsticks there because they are my favorite. I recently bought those Topshop Lipsticks but I haven't tried them yet.

Here are some of the things I recently bought. I am very excited to play around with these and I will let you guys know how they are.

I have one very messy Nars draw. I will do a Nars collection soon since that is one of my favorite brands at the moment.

I dedicated two draws to MAC :)

This is the smaller set of draws, it is deeper and therefore perfect for foundations. My benefit box blushes and MAC paint pots fit perfectly in these set of draws.

This is the overview of the three section box, there is no order here. I have random eyeliners, mascaras and concealers in there and I need to sort it out soon. 

So then I need to finish sorting out the rest of my makeup, currently it looks like this:

I have two big draws, the bottom one is very deep and I need to find away to organize everything in a better way :)

In the top draw I have this kitchen draw divider and little boxes, that just needs to be tidied up but I like it.

The bottom one is just filed with boxes with makeup like lipsticks and foundations. I have been playing around with this draw and I might have found a way to use it so everything has its own place. 

Thanks for reading and let me know what is your favorite way to store your makeup. 

I might do an update on this in couple of months when everything is more tidy and perfect :)

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