Sunday, March 31, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters - Review and the colors I own :)

Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters are one of my favorite lip products! I Love them and let me tell you why...

Colors I own from left-right
Wild watermelon, Raspberry Pie, Créme Brulee, Sweet Tart, Strawberry Shortcake. 

First off the packaging is just adorable, so colorful and pretty.
But the main reason why I love the Lipbutters is that they are so moisturizing and give a great color payoff.
They lighter colors are sheer but still manage to give you color while the darker colors are just like an amazing lipstick with a gloss over it.
They are not sticky at all (like some lipgloss) They feel like a lip balm. Very smooth on the lips, they have a beautiful sheen to them.
They color selection is really good, from nude to deep raspberry color.

These are the colors I own: 
(There is one missing that I bought the other day but I took these photos a while back so I will post a whole lips of the day later this week with the one that is missing)

(Here are the swatches that I did on my pretty pale skin haha:)

Here are all the colors on my lips

Strawberry Shortcake
Light, milky pink color, very pretty everyday cool toned pink.

Créme Brulee
A beautiful Nude color, perfect with a smoky eye

Sweet Tart
The first color I picked up, Bright Pink, it is much brighter in person than on camera

Raspberry Pie
My favorite! Raspberry Pinky Red, it is darker in person than on a camera (My camera is crap)
It has been such a winter color for me, I wore it so much and it is beautiful!

Wild Watermelon
New here in the UK for the summer collection, a total melon color, a great spring/summer color, It looks like a juicier version of your lips.

The Color that is missing is Sorbet but I will post about that color later this week,

I know everyone loves these already and I think they will always be re-purchased for me when I run out.
Overall these are a must have and I totally recommend the lip butters :)
What is your favorite Lipbutter?

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  1. nice post! i have the strawberry shortcake and i want to try the wild watermellon one sooo bad!!


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