Friday, August 26, 2011

11 days break, 100 nail polishes, what to pack?

When you have a lot of nail polishes it can be hard to choose only few to take on a holiday with you. Right now I'm on a 11 days holiday back in Iceland and all I had planned was a family party. So thinking of that I had to pack nail polishes for every situation. Also these are the colors I would think every person should have!

11 days - 6 colors + 1 base/top coat + 1 nail polish that i bought here!

Here they all are

So these two colors are my two season colors. The peach pink one is for summer and the golden is for autumn (plus the gold one is a freshly new one and i really do like it)
They are called Art School and Heart of Gold, both from Topshop. And personally i think Topshop has some great nail polishes. 

Two light neutral colors!
The first one is an essie nail polish called Angel Food and is this very light pink.
The second one is from Models Own and is called Nude Beige, its very light brown/beige coulor.
I think everyone should have at least one neutral color, it's always appropriated and looks just really good!                                                                       

Then I brought two dark/metallic/shimmering colors
The blue one is very dark and the green one is just the perfect 
emerald color. 
These are both from Barry M, and the numbers have gone off.
Nail polishes from Barry M are very cheap. only 2.99 pounds. Plus they are very good quality.

This is one of my all time favorite base + top coat.
If i use it as a base coat it really does make my nails stronger plus as a top coat,  the nail polish stays on longer.
It is Sally Hansen, diamond shine, it is a bit expensive but trust me, its worth it! 

This is O.P.I. nail polish called Midnight in Moskva.
I am in looove
I used to have a similar one from O.P.I. but i lost it. So when i saw it here in Iceland, and a bit cheaper than in London, I just had to have it.
It's 1.989-, Icelandic kroners and i got it at Hagkaup. 

This color is perfect for that family party I have coming up so all those six others nail polishes are just extra. But I normally change my nail polish every 2-3 days so six nail polish makes perfect sense! 

So when you pack, just take a season color, a light/neutral color and a dark color and your good to go.


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