Friday, August 26, 2011

Four little things

This weeks four things start off with H&M..
New clothes came in store this week and while on my break in Iceland I have been doing a bit of online ''window'' shopping. (and perhaps some online shopping) 

1 - In spot number 1, are these amazing leather pants..!
I pray I will look good in them. If not I will still wear them. 

They are at 24.99 pounds, and you can order them online.

2 - These shoes are just to die for!
They are so in trend right now, boyish and two toned.

They are only 14.99 pounds, all leather!
You can find them here
Plus they look very similar to the shoes from office, I posted a blog about the new shoes few days ago. The one from H&M are cheaper so its a good bargain!

3 - I really need to have this bike shipped over to London! It's the perfect for end of summer. Plus I can use it next summer. this bike is probably as old as me!
Its DBS (my mum used to call it 'drusla bundin saman')
Here is a picture of the family's legend 

4 - I have to put this here. Season four has finally started and I wait for the next episode. 

It is the worlds guilty pleasure, at least mine!

Of Course I'm talking about Jersey Shore!!!
You can watch it here online!

Anyway; I'm enjoying my visit in Iceland but miss my London


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