Monday, September 16, 2013

FashionistA Haul - From MUA

H Everyone,

Yesterday I posted Getting ready for Fall (here) and I had my FOTD and NOTD a little bit of clothing as well. I used a new FashionistA eyeshadow called School Days and few other new bits. 
I said in that post that I would post my MUA haul today.. and here it is :)

I would not call this MUA haul since I did not buy a single item from MUA but everything I got was from FashionistA. This is a fairly new brand and has been sold in Superdrug for over a year now. I was always very interested in this brand but my nearest superdrug did not stock it and when I went to a large Superdrug I just picked up things that I knew and wanted. 
But recently MUA started selling FashionistA on their website (link here) and on top of that everything is 75% off! At the moment you can still buy almost everything from FashionstA full price on the Superdrug website (not sure about in store).
All these products are priced on the normal (a bit high) drugstore end, for example the mascaras are normally £7 or £8 and the foundation is originally £12, (L'Oreal True Match is £10.99 for comparison)

Because of the original price I was very interested to try out this brand. I already bought 3 lipsticks and filled a whole palette of blushers (Haul here)
I did not want to make any reviews or talk about these products until I got more products from FashionistA and until I had tried them all out for a while.
I am still trying them and I can't wait to make few great posts about these products, they are just so pretty and I love the packaging on most of them..

I have had my love/hate relationship with the MUA website and tried to order all of this when there was 30% off the other day. But it did not work and I was very disappointed, but then few days after that offer they announced a free international shipping! I was so happy, I do live in Iceland now and the shipping is minimum £8, So I jumped on, and got all of this stuff.
I paid £25.45 for all this stuff and customs here in Iceland did charge me 2400 krónur and that is around £12. I knew that was going to happen but I was fine with that.

So here is the stuff I got

From Left to Right:
FashionistA Foundation in Nude - £3
FashionistA Compact Powder in Fair  - £2
FashionistA Plumping Lipgloss in Coral Couture - £1.25 
FashionistA Secret Gel Eyeliner in 24/7 Style - £1.50
FashionistA Supermodel length Mascara - £1.50
FashionistA Maxi Volume Waterproof Mascara - £1.50
FashionistA Double Take lipstick in Red Carpet - £1.50

This is the reason why I made this order:

I got two palettes and filled them up with six eyeshadows, one blush and one bronzer.
But if you buy 4 eyeshadows/Blushers/bronzers and the palette you can get all that or 7pounds  and save a bit of money there. 
So just a quick one.. these eyeshadow/blushers/bronzers come in a single pan and you custom make your own palette, I already have a palette filled with blushers (you can see it in this haul here).

You can change them around when ever you want and the quality is really good.
Each one is 1.65 and the palette is 2 

If you have any question about these products please comment below and I will answer them in my upcomming posts.. :)

I can't wait to post reviews and swatches of all my new FashionistA stuff,

If you want to get updates about when I find about offers like free international delivery from some of my favorite websites, go onto My Little Corner Facebook page and like it :)

Thanks for reading!



  1. That NY blush is gorgeous! Also, that Nude Glimmer would make a beautiful highlighter. I've never visited the MUA site, but those palettes are so pretty that I think I have to now!

    - Lillian at Mascaradise

    1. It is soo pretty, and also the London blush I already have, I can just stare at them for ages lol
      Margrét :)


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