Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Thoughts On.. Flawless by Sonya Lipsticks

Hi Everyone!

The other day I got a opportunity to try out the new and improved make-up from Flawless by Sonya (from Forever Living Product).
 I was so lucky that I got to keep some of my favorites.

I think that the number one product from the new line are the lipsticks. There are 12 new shades and they range from very dark to the perfect nude.

The formula is great, very moisturizing and stays on. The formula is of course infused with Aloe Vera since this is from Forever Living Product. They do remind me of a mixture between Revlon Lip butters and The Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks.
The lipsticks are very pigmented and all the colors give great color pay off except there is one that looks bright red but is not bright red on the lips when applied, I think for those who want to start wearing red lipsticks that one is a great start since it gives a beautiful red tint to the lips. 
There is also a dark purple that is so unique and is great for those who dare to try something edgy and different. And there is also the perfect nude lipstick, that is just so creamy and gorgeous.

But I could just describe you the lipsticks I don't have or show you the ones that I have since I could not put them down and they really stood up for me.

How sleek and pretty is the packaging, the case is this purple metallic with the Sonya logo, so pretty!

Here are the colors I really loved and I think they range from a beautiful pink/nude to a deep plum color for the winter months

It is more nude-pink than the photo shows, if I want to wear subtle nude lipstick, nude/pink is the best way for me to wear them since I am so pale (sometimes I just wear what ever lipstick I want though haha)
It is very creamy and the reason why I picked this color is that it reminds me of a mixture between MAC Angel and MAC Hue, both that are two of my favorite MAC lipsticks.
I think this is the perfect every day lipstick.

This color was the first one that I knew I had to have, It is the perfect summer lipstick but even though we are far into autumn I am still wearing it! It is again so creamy and applies so well. The color itself brightens up my complexion. I really like wearing this color with simple eye makeup, it really looks great.
I was wearing it the other day and I got loads of compliments so I know it looks good when people tell you right?

This is the perfect Autumn lipstick. Such a beautiful deep pink/red shade, It looks great for a bit darker lips in the autumn/winter months. So pretty, I would say the name is spot on and it does look like a pinky Pomegranate fruit.

I think this shade will be great for the Holiday season. It is very deep plum. I love shades like this and I love wearing these kind of lipsticks during the day with bright eyes and neutral blush. It goes on so well and does not bleed outside the lips. I was wearing it the other day for about 3 hours before I had something to eat and then I had to re-apply it. So I think that is a pretty good lasting power.
I would totally recommend it!

So how and where do you get these lipsticks?

They are from Forever Living Products and the brand is Flawless by Sonya.
To get items from FLP you have to buy it from a representative, (similar like Avon). You can search online to find some one near you, they have representative in most countries and if you are in Iceland and you are interested here is the Forever Living Product official website, and here you can find just the Flawless by Sonya on Facebook. :)

I was given these products and these are my honest opinions. I got to try and test the whole range and I only picked items that I really liked and that I would have bought myself with my own money. 
Thanks for Reading :)


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  1. Love how you included swatches! :D
    Watermelon is a nice shade, and I agree, packaging is pretty nice c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things


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