Monday, October 28, 2013

The Sunday Post

Hi Everyone

It's Sunday Evening and I just wanted to blog a little bit, I didn't really want to edit photos or write a review but just a little catch up and a ramble..

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Uni is getting more manic every day and I am starting some sort of Final Exam 'boot camp' next week for two of my courses. Apparently it is the way to get you through it with good grade. It is expensive but I really want to go. Would you spend 70 pounds for one course 'boot camp' 5 days intensive studying and going through over ten old exams? These five days are spread over a month.. Well I think I will fork out the money.. for both courses, so goodbye 140 quid :'(

On the other hand Downton Abbey started showing here in Iceland tonight and omgosh.. I am a big Downton fan and I really really really love it! What did you think of the first episode? If you want to talk Downton, come and chat with me on my tumblr here. I personally love Mr Branson, Anna and Mr Bates. I almost cried when Lady Mary cried with Mr Carlson! And that Nany West, I would of killed her right then and there. Seriously, I have so much to talk about but I don't want to leave any spoilers here! 
I really recommend this Tv show, it is such a surprise when you start watching it!

Two other shows that I am addicted to right now but will be a subject for another blog post are The only way is Essex and Grey's Anatomy.. 

I have been going over some of my random photos and sometimes it is so difficult to post on Instagram since I have a horrible phone that does not listen to orders, I have loads of random ones and here is one pretty one of one of my favorite nail polishes :)

Here I am wearing China Glaze, Orange Knockout (Neon) and the glitter on my ring finger is Nicole by OPI, Rainbow in the S-Kylie from the Kardashian Collection. 

Also I did a cheeky little MUA shopping the other day and instead of posting a full Haul here on my blog, I posted a picture of the Haul on Facebook, You can check out my Facebook page and like it if you want  :)
Here is what I bought...

From left to right:
MUA matte lipsticks
FashionistA gel liner in Cute Route
FashionstA Shine Stopper, Loose Powder
MUA Matte Foundation
FashionistA Secret Mattifying Primer
MUA Cover All Concealer
MUA Lash Boom

Have you tried any of these products? I have started playing around with them, So far, so good!
I can't wait to try Lash Boom but I have too many mascaras at the moment so I am saving that one.

Enough with the rambling tonight, I am already feeling bit more relaxed so I might go to school tomorrow or just take a day to read and chill, I was at school yesterday (Saturday) and also today so maybe I will just not go.. sometimes you just need days like that right..

Thanks for reading and hopefully you are having a nice Sunday!



  1. LOL my friend is an avid fan of Downton Abbey and I tried watching it once but got overwhelmed by the amount of characters in the show.
    The heck is with the bootcamp???!?! Sounds like a rip-off, but then again good grades are important so idk @_@
    Nice MUA haul :D

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Try again! you get so involved in the chatacters after awhile!
      But yeah that bootcamp is a bit crazy, but like the day before the test you get liike 12 hours acess to a teacher and you can stay there the whole time and study with him and that sort of stuff... i am in class with 300+ people all the time so one on one time with teacher is unheard off... :S

    2. Sounds like madness. Here we have specific office hours for the prof/study sessions, but I hope you make the best of your situation! D:


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