Monday, May 13, 2013

Mani Monday #2 - Pastel Polka Dots

Last night I was doing my nails and I posted this photo on my Instagram and Tumblr

And the Nail Polishes that I used are

Rimmel Lycra Pro in Peppermint and Models Own in Pastel Pink.
These are both old Instagram photos that I posted
Instagram: Margretscorner

I know I seriously need to condition my cuticles, Just ignore please.

I took these photos this morning before running out of the house, not the best set up but you get the idea.

I was playing around with a dotting tool that I just got but you can always use a bobby pin or a toothpick to create dots.

This was the first time I done something like this, I am pretty happy with the outcome and I got few compliments today :):)

Let me know what you think ;)

Thanks for reading and have a great week 


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  1. Perfect dots and I love the pastel summery shades. I recently bought a dotting tool and am astounded at how round the dots are after the crummy biro, toothpick and cotton-less Qtip.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Thanks! :)
      I totally agree, the dotting tool makes such a diffrence and I was so happy when I found one from Avon for super cheap


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