Friday, August 9, 2013

Gay Pride 2013 Inspired makeup

Hi Everyone :)
The Gay Pride parade is tomorrow (in Iceland) and it is one of the biggest event here in Iceland. 

Everyone is so supportive and the nation really comes together to celebrate :)

I love playing around and I used the Sleek Ultra Matte palette in Bright. I applied white eyeshadow base first and then applied them wet, I just used my MAC studio Fix plus spray. It is a bit uneven and it was very difficult to bland the green eyeshadow, even if it was dry. 
But it is all fun and I really encourage everyone to play around a little bit when there are fun occasion :)

Hope you will have a great Saturday, unfortunately I will be working, but I did enjoy playing around with some colors :)

Let me know what you are doing this weekend in the comments below, are you going to the Gay Pride parade?

Thanks for reading


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